10 Interesting the Black Sea Facts

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The Black Sea Facts talk about the sea located between Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. The Caucasus, Anatolia and Europe bounded the Black Sea. The volume of water inside Black Sea is around 131,000 cubic miles or 547,000 km cubic. The maximum depth of Black Sea is 7,257 feet or 2,212 meter. The area of Black Sea is around 168,000 square miles or 436,400 km square. Check other unique facts about Black Sea below:

The Black Sea Facts 1: the elliptical depression

You can find the elliptical depression located in various countries in the world like Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Georgia formed by Black Sea.

The Black Sea Facts 2: the notable cities

The notable cities located along the coast of Black Sea include Samsun, Sevastopol, Batumi, Burgas, Ordu, Poti, Giresun, Hopa, Novorossiysk, Istanbul, Zonguldak, Sochi, Sozopol, Constan?a, Sukhumi, Poti, Mangalia, and Kerch.

the black sea water facts

the black sea water facts

The Black Sea Facts 3: the positive water balance

The net outflow of Black Sea is 72 cubic miles or km3. Therefore, it has the positive water balance.

The Black Sea Facts 4: the salinity

The salinity of Black Sea is lower than the Mediterranean Sea. It has cooler outflow than the Mediterranean inflow.

the black sea water

the black sea water

The Black Sea Facts 5: the river water

The water of Black Sea is also gained the from the river water of Don, Dnieper and Danube rivers.

The Black Sea Facts 6: the level of Black Sea

The water level of Black Sea was increased in significant proportion in the past. Today, it still has high water level.

The Black Sea facts

The Black Sea facts

The Black Sea Facts 7: the importance of Black Sea based NATO’s point of view

Black Sea is considered as a strategic place for the legal and illegal goods based on the point of view of NATO. The illegal goods like radioactive materials and drugs can be smuggled here. Get facts about Arctic Ocean here.

The Black Sea Facts 8: merchant seaports

There were around 30 merchant seaports operating in the Black Sea based on the International Transport Workers’ Federation 2013 study.  Around 12 of the seaports were located in Ukraine.

The Black Sea Map

The Black Sea Map

The Black Sea Facts 9: fishing

Fishing is considered as one of the major industries in Black Sea. There are around 300,000 tons of fish caught by Turkish Commercial fishing fleet per year. Find facts about Atlantic Ocean here.

The Black Sea Facts 10: tourism

The Black Sea is also used to increase the tourism industries by developing the holiday resorts. The guests like to enjoy the beauty and climate.

the black sea pic

the black sea pic

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