10 Interesting Lightning Facts

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Lightning facts provide the explanation about weather topic.  Many people area curious on how lightning occurs. Can you answer the question?  If it is very difficult for you to answer that question, look at the following post about lightning below:

Lightning Facts 1: what is lightning?

Let’s find out what lightning is?  It usually occurs during the thunderstorm which happens very fast. Lightning is a form of strong burst of electricity. Read more electricity facts here.

Lightning Facts 2: unbalanced electrical charge

So let’s discuss the cause of lightning on the atmosphere.  It is triggered by the unbalanced electrical charge which is formed because of the ice and rain movement inside a thundercloud.

Lightning at Night

Lightning at Night

Lightning Facts 3: electrical charge

The unbalanced electrical charge forms the electron located at the bottom of the cloud. The top of the cloud is filled with positive charge.

Lightning Facts 4: place of occurrence

Many people do not know that lightning occurs inside cloud. Bit you can also find it happened from clouds to ground and between two clouds.

Lightning Facts

Lightning Facts

Lightning Facts 5: lightning accident

People are afraid with raining day for it is linked with lightning. Each year, thousands of people are hit by lightning.

Lightning Facts 6: striking the grounds

You can find that lighting likes to strike a person, a tall building and a tree. It is due to the fact that the lighting searches for the shortest route to get the positive charge.

Lightning Image

Lightning Image

Lightning Facts 7: fatal lightning accident

People will die if they are struck by direct lighting.

Lightning Facts 8: Lightning rods

Many people also call lightning rod as a conductor. The rod is created from metal rod. The function is very important for the people living in a very tall building. It is used to divert the lighting safely to ground. There is no need to wonder that most tall buildings always have a lightning rod on its top.

Lightning in desert

Lightning in desert

Lightning Facts 9: land and oceans

70 percent of the lighting occurs on earth can be seen in the tropics. It is the most likely for the lightning to strike on the land rather than on the ocean.

Lightning Facts 10: speed

The lightning strikes for 1 or 2 microseconds. Even though the strike is very short, it can lead to fatal accident.



Do you know that the average temperature of lighting is around 36000 °F.? People get burned when they hit by lightning. Do you want to share opinion on facts about lightning?

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