10 Interesting Middle East Facts

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Get Middle East Facts if you want to know a region in Asia which is bordered by African to the southwest, Europe to the northwest, Asia to the east and Mediterranean Sea to the west. Even though Sudan and Egypt are located inside Africa, they are included in Middle East too.  Check the following post below for detail information about Middle East:

Middle East Facts 1: economy

The Middle East countries are famous with the production of oil. The economy of the countries lies on the oil production because it contributes a lot of to fulfill the need of oil for other countries in the world.

Middle East Facts 2: religion

If you think that Middle East is always about Islam, you are wrong. The countries are the home of three major religions in the world. Those are Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Find out Judaism facts here.

Middle East Building

Middle East Building

Middle East Facts 3: the center of the world issues

Due to the diverse geographical location, religions and economy, there is no need to wonder that Middle East becomes the center of political affairs and world issues.

Middle East Facts 4: history

Middle East is also famous with rich history. There are some ancient civilizations which could be traced back in Middle East. You can find out the history of the Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire and Ancient Egypt.

Middle East Facts

Middle East Facts

Middle East Facts 5: population

Let’s talk about the population of the people in Middle East. It is estimated that the countries are the home of 368,927,551 people.

Middle East Facts 6: area and biome

I believe that most of you can guess the biome of Middle East. It is filled with grassland and desert.   Middle East lies on the area of 2,742,000 square miles.

Middle East Food

Middle East Food

Middle East Facts 7: major lakes and rivers

Some major lakes and rivers in Middle East include Nile River, Dead Sea, Tigris River, Euphrates River, Lake Van, Suez Canal, and Lake Urmia.

Middle East Facts 8: the Major cities

The major cities in Middle East include Damascus Syria, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Istanbul Turkey, Mashhad Iran, Baghdad Iraq, Tehran Iran, Halab Syria, and Ankara Turkey.

Middle East Mosque

Middle East Mosque

Middle East Facts 9: Geographical Features

There are several interesting geographical features that you can find in Middle East.  You can go to Zagros Mountains, Hindu Kush Mountains, Arabian Desert, Anatolian Plateau, Kara Kum Desert, and Taurus Mountains.

Middle East Facts 10: countries of Middle East

The countries of Middle East include Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and West Bank.

Middle East

Middle East

The languages that people in Middle East use to communicate include Berber, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Kurdish. What do you think on facts about Middle East?

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