10 Interesting the English Channel Facts

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Let me show you the interesting information about the body of water called The Channel on The English Channel Facts. It connects southern England and northern France. The water of channel will travel to Atlantic Ocean after it reaches southern side of North Sea. On average, it has the width at 150 miles or 240 km. The widest part is seen in Strait of Dover with the size at 20.1 miles or 32.3 km. The length of English Channel is 350 miles or 560 km. Here are other useful facts about English Channel:

The English Channel Facts 1: the area

The area covered by English Channel is around 29,000 square miles or 75,000 km square. In the continental shelf in Europe, English Channel receives the status as the smallest one.

The English Channel Facts 2: coastal resorts

English Channel has been famous with its coastal resorts since the beginning of 19th century. During the aristocratic era, people loved to visit the resorts in Brighton and Deauville. Find facts about Medieval England here.

The English Channel Image

The English Channel Image

The English Channel Facts 3: the development of tourism

Today the tourism surrounding English Channel is still developed. You can find various resorts in the area. Channel Hopping offers the visitors who want to have a short trip.

The English Channel Facts 4: the dominant cultures along English Channel

There are two primary cultures which spread along English Channel. At the south part, the French culture is dominant.  The north shore of English Channel is dominated by English culture. Check England facts here.

The English Channel Pic

The English Channel Pic

The English Channel Facts 5: the seaway

The seaway on English Channel is very busy because it connects Europe and United Kingdom through the North Sea and Atlantic Sea. There are around 500 ships which arrive in English Channel every single day.

The English Channel Facts 6: an accident in English Channel

In January 1971, there was an accident which took place in English Channel. In February, the people were shocked with the devastating crashes and wreckage in the area.

The English Channel Swimming

The English Channel Swimming

The English Channel Facts 7: the Dover TSS

International Maritime Organization decided to install the first radar-controlled Traffic Separation Scheme in the world in the Channel to prevent accidents.

The English Channel Facts 8: the MV Tricolor

Another accident was experienced by the MV Tricolor in December 2002. It collided with Kariba, a container ship because of fog. It made MV Tricolor sink after the collision.

The English Channel Tourism

The English Channel Tourism

The English Channel Facts 9: the update

In 2003, there was an update related to the traffic control system in the Channel.

The English Channel Facts 10: environmental problem

The environmental problem occurs because of the accidents in the Channel. The oil spill and toxic cargo from the accident damage the ocean.

The English Channel Facts

The English Channel Facts

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