10 Interesting Judaism Facts

Friday, September 20th 2013. | Religion

Find out more about one of the biggest religions in the world by seeing Judaism facts. Judaism can be found in many different worlds. It is considered as the oldest religion that some people still embrace until this present day. I know that most of you are not familiar with Judaism. That’s why I will tell you some interesting facts about Judaism:

Judaism Facts 1: Followers

Even though Judaism is not a very popular religion, it has more than 15 million followers around the world.

Judaism Facts 2: Belief

Judaism is considered as the first monotheistic god religion. It means that this religion makes people to believe in one god. Judaism is also considered as one of the oldest religions in the world.

Judaism  and Pray

Judaism and Pray

Judaism Facts 3: Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Bible is very important to Judaism. It gives the people a moral teaching. It also makes people believe in only one god.

Judaism Facts 4: Similarities

The religions with have some similarities with Judaism include Islam and Christianity.

Judaism  and sabbath

Judaism and sabbath

Judaism Facts 5: Tanakh

You can find Tanakh in the Hebrew Bible. This book is very vital for the people who embrace Judaism because it has a collection of writing about the religion in Hebrew language.

Judaism Facts 6: Torah

The first of five books of Hebrew bible is called as Torah. It teaches the followers the basic law and teaching of Judaism. If you embrace the religion you need to read the whole books to know the essence.

Judaism Book

Judaism Book

Judaism Facts 7: Kosher Food

Kosher food is a food that a Jew eats in special rules. This food usually is eaten by the Jewish people who embrace kashrut.

Judaism Facts 8: Sabbath

Sabbath is a very important day for Jewish people. One of the commandments states that Jewish people have to keep Sabbath.

Judaism Facts

Judaism Facts

Judaism Facts 9: Time of Sabbath

Sabbath will begin each Friday at the sunset. Then it will finish at the sunset for Saturday. The Jewish people have to rest to thank God for creating the earth for human being.

Judaism Facts 10: Prohibition in Sabbath

There are some rules when people resting in Sabbath. They cannot stark and stop fire. Driving a car is forbidden because to make the car work on the street, you have to light a fire in the engine. It will contrast the rule not to make fire and stop it.

Judaism Religion

Judaism Religion

There are many other prohibitions that people should follow during the Sabbath day. You cannot write, turn on or off the incandescent light, ride a bike, buy or seal things, using the lift, elevator, computer TV and other electronic items, carry thing on the street, or even fishing. Do you have opinion on facts about Judaism?

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