10 Interesting Melodrama Facts

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If you are interested to study about art and literature, you have to read Melodrama Facts. You can look at the information about melodrama during 19th century.  This melodrama affects the modern drama. People still love it even though it was very popular in 1840. Here are facts about melodrama for you:

Melodrama Facts 1: melodrama in the beginning of 1800s

Do you know the theme of melodrama in the early 1800s? It usually talks about supernatural, exotic and romantic themes.

Melodrama Facts 2: melodrama in 1820s and 1830s

The melodrama in 1820s and 1830s came in different styles. People were more familiar with characters and setting in 1820s.  In 1830s, people were interested to have gentlemanly melodrama.

melodrama facts

melodrama facts

Melodrama Facts 3: types of melodrama

There are many types of melodrama that you can learn.  You can learn nautical melodrama, disaster melodrama, canine melodrama and equestrian melodrama. The nautical one was associated with sea and ocean. The equestrian is linked with horses.

Melodrama Facts 4: music drama

Melodrama involved with music drama.  The music was very significant because it enhanced the emotion, mood, and feeling of the characters. Check Germany music facts here.

melodrama on stage

melodrama on stage

Melodrama Facts 5: characters

The characters in 19th melodrama were separated between the good ones and the evil ones. It presented the universal moral values.

Melodrama Facts 6: Episodic form

Episodic form is one of the most popular types of melodrama. The drama is closed with a happy ending. The hero and heroines escaped from the threat of the villain. The serious drama usually came in 2 up to 5 acts.



Melodrama Facts 7: special effect

The 19th century melodrama was performed perfectly. It required special effect such as for earthquake, drowning, fire and explosion.

Melodrama Facts 8: Melodramatic Writers

There were more than 200 plays created by a German melodramatic writer, August Friederich von Ktozebue. The main theme was domestic melodrama. He was called as the father of sensationalism.

melodrama pic

melodrama pic

Melodrama Facts 9: René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt

René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt is another melodramatic writer who lived from 1773 to 1844. There were 100 plays that he had created during his life. He sometimes served as the director of his play.  His drama was specialized in disaster melodramas such as volcanoes and flood.

Melodrama Facts 10: Dion Boucicault

Dion Boucicault was an important melodrama writer in US. He lived from 1822 to 1890.

melodrama performance

melodrama performance

Some dramas that he created include The Octoroon (1859) and Corsican Brothers (1852). Do you want to give comment on facts about melodrama?

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