8 Interesting African Music Facts

Tuesday, November 5th 2013. | Culture

If you love to hear the traditional music, you have to learn more about African Music facts. Africa is filled with various cultural products. Their dancing and songs are unique. You will love to be entertained with the African music, song and dance. Each region in Africa has different style of music. You cannot generalize their music ability and instruments. Look at the facts about African music below:

African Music Facts 1: North Africa

The North African region has different type of African Music. The musical instrument was affected much by ancient Greek and roman culture. The music is tied much with the Middle Eastern style too. The range of the music is various. You can see that the music is well affected by the ancient Egypt, Tuareg music and Berber music. To enjoy the contempoaray northern African music, you can listen to Algerian rai.

African Music Facts 2: music of Sudan and of the Horn of Africa

There are some countries included in the music of Sudan and of the Horn of Africa. Some of them include Somalia, Sjibouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

African music

African music

African Music Facts 3: Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is totally different with the North African music. You can see that that rhythm in sub Saharan African region is different and unique.

African Music Facts 4: performance of African music

The African music is a part of the Africa people’s cultures. The participation of audiences is needed when a certain group of music performs on stage. The song and music used to accompany various events in people’s life such as politics, hunting, marriage, and childbirth are different.

African music Facts

African music Facts

African Music Facts 5: sacred

Most music, songs and dancing in African culture are sacred. The songs sometimes are used to remove the evil spirit or even to respect the good spirit for the ancestors and the dead people.

African Music Facts 6: west African music

The most popular instrument in West African includes the talking drum. The local people call it as tama.

african music pic

african music pic

African Music Facts 7: African musical instruments

African musical instruments cover various ranges.  The vocalization includes the double belles, rattles, slit gongs, and drums.

African Music Facts 8: inspiration

The original African music has given the other types of music inspiration. The Scottish folk music, Irish music and white American music emerged from the African music. You can see that jazz, blues and Dixieland were created from strong African music too.

African Musics

African Musics

The well know American folk music, Paul Simon applied the African rhythm, band and melodic in his album. You need to hear it to get more to find out other facts about African music!

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