10 Interesting German Music Facts

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If you love to study about art, look at the German music facts. German music is unique. You can learn the traditional German music by visiting the country. You can go to Munich and study about the art here. You can learn not only about the music but also the painting, architectural building and many more. In this post I will focus more on German music.

German Music Facts 1: style of German music

In the past, people were only served with classic and traditional German music. Now the music is extended in a wide array of style. You can see the German music is combined with other kinds of styles such as pop, rock and jazz.

German Music Facts 2: open air festival

If you want to know the wonderful German music when visiting the country, you need to come to the open air festival. Many local artists performed on stage bring different styles of German music.

German Music and Dance

German Music and Dance

German Music Facts 3: Hidegard of Binge

If you want to lean the history of German music, you need to find out the key role. One of them is Hidegard of Binge.   He was a prolific composer and writer in the 12th century in Germany. He involved more in Christian text and music.

German Music Facts 4: opera houses

When people watch an opera in Germany, they will be served with pure Germany music.  The country has 84 public funded opera houses.

German Music facts

German Music facts

German Music Facts 5: conductors

There are many star international conductors served as the director of the music in the Germany orchestras. The country has at least 133 symphony orchestras.

German Music Facts 6: Laender

Germany has 16 Laender. Each of them has their own cultural center which enables people to study about the Germany art, culture and music in details.

German Music Image

German Music Image

German Music Facts 7: Pop Academy

The Germany people who love to study about music and want to become a superstar in the future can be enrolled in Pop Academy. It is located in Mannheim. Some of the teachers in this academy are the famous pop stars.

German Music Facts 8: Academies for Music

There are Academies for Music in Germany. Function of this academy is to train the students to become orchestra’s musician, actor, soloist, dancer, jazz player and many more. Most of the students in the academies are not from Germany.

German Music Now

German Music Now

German Music Facts 9: Bach

Einstein is one of the famous men from Germany. We loved him because he was very genius. He stated that he liked Bach.

German Music Facts 10: Bach’s compositions

Bach’s compositions had inspired many musicians all over the world such as Procol Harum and The Beatles.

German Music Tradition

German Music Tradition

Blaskapelle is one of the famous bands who sing German. You can enjoy more German songs in Oktoberfest. Are you interested with facts about German Music?

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