10 Interesting Spanish Culture Facts

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Find out the interesting Spanish Culture Facts by reading the below post.  The culture of Spain is derived from the mixture of Iberian Culture, Ancient Rome culture, the Moor culture, Phoenicians culture as well as the pre-Roman Celtic culture. Therefore, it was based on the European cultures. If you are interested to know more about the cuisines, languages, and architecture of Spain, check out the following post:

Spanish Culture Facts 1: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are 44 sites in Spain included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Therefore, the country takes the third place with the highest number of sites in UNESCO.

Spanish Culture Facts 2: the cuisines of Spain

Are you interested with the cuisines of Spain? They are derived from Jewish, Andalusia and Roman tradition. The strong influence in the Spanish cuisine is also seen from the Moors.

Spanish Culture

Spanish Culture

Spanish Culture Facts 3: pork

For centuries, pork is considered as a popular food in Spain. The Christians people ate it. On the other hand, Muslims and Jewish did not eat it. Get facts about Spain here.

Spanish Culture Facts 4: the modern Spanish cook

The modern Spanish cuisine is always cooked with beans, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. The olive oil is considered as the main ingredient when you cook the real Spanish cuisines. There is no need to wonder that more than 44 percent of the olive oil production in the world is taken from Spain. The people who live in the north Spain use lard and butter as the main ingredients.

Spanish Culture Picture

Spanish Culture Picture

Spanish Culture Facts 5: “Semana Santa”

“Semana Santa” is the Holy Week in Spanish Culture. It is considered as one of the primary holidays in the country. You can find very large parades a week before the Easter celebration.

Spanish Culture Facts 6: other celebrations

The celebrations in Spain are used to honor the local saints for the villages, towns, cities and churches. You can find the people holding large parades, setting off the fireworks, building bonfires, decorating the street or even having beauty contest.

Spanish Culture Facts

Spanish Culture Facts

Spanish Culture Facts 7: “San Fermin”

Another important festival is “San Fermin”. The people who participate in the event have to run ahead of the released bulls.  This annual festival is celebrated in Pamplona in July.

Spanish Culture Facts 8: the architecture in Spain

The megalithic Iberian and Celtic Architecture developed during the prehistoric period in Spain.

Spanish Culture and People

Spanish Culture and People

Spanish Culture Facts 9: the urban development

The urban development for the Spanish architecture occurred in Roman period. You can find of the Aqueduct of Segovia and Emerita Augusta.  Get facts about Spanish Armada here.

Spanish Culture Facts 10: architecture of Al-Andalus

The architecture of Al-Andalus was spotted during the pre Romanseque period.  You can see Aljafería in Zaragoza, Aljafería in Zaragoza and La Giralda in Seville.

Spanish Food

Spanish Food

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