10 Interesting the Sioux Facts

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Let me show you the complete information about the group of Native American people on the Sioux Facts.  The group comprises the people who speak the many language dialects of First Nations people who lived in North America as well as the Great Sioux Nations. The Nakota, Lakota and Dakota are the three primary languages of the Sioux people. Nowadays, they can be found living in many parts of United States such as in Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. Here are other interesting facts about the Sioux below:

The Sioux Facts 1: the Dakota in 17th century

In 17th century, the source of Mississippi River was mostly inhabited by the Dakota people. Some of them resided to the present South Dakota in 1700. The French merchants and the Dakota people allied in the end of the 17th century.

The Sioux Facts 2: the motif of the French people

The motif of the French people making alliance with the Dakota people was due to their struggle with the English people over the fur trade in North America.

the sioux war

the sioux war

The Sioux Facts 3: the Pawnee and the Sioux

The last major battle of the Sioux and Pawnee took place on 5 August 1873 at the battle of Massacre Canyon. Get facts about Native American here.

The Sioux Facts 4: the Dakota War

When a white farmer and his family were killed with several Santee men, the Dakota War broke out on 17 August 1862. The white settlements located at the Minnesota River were attacked by the Santee people.  The trial was conducted against the Santee Sioux in Minnesota on 5th November 1862.  The accused were not allowed to defense themselves with any witnesses or even attorney. On 26 December 1862, the death sentences for 284 warriors were comuted by President Abraham Lincoln while 38 Santee men were signed off. In United States history, the hanging sentence for the Santee men was considered as the largest mass execution.

the sioux

the sioux

The Sioux Facts 5: Red Cloud’s War

In 1866 to 1868, the US Army and Lakota had an armed conflict in Montana Territory and Wyoming Territory. The conflict was called the Bozeman War or Red Cloud’s War. The Powder River Country located in north central Wyoming was the primary reason of the conflict.

The Sioux Facts 6: the name of the war

The war is called Red Cloud. It was taken from the name of the notable Sioux leader.

the sioux facts

the sioux facts

The Sioux Facts 7: the end of Red Cloud war

The Treaty of Fort Laramie marked the end of Red Cloud War.

The Sioux Facts 8: The Great Sioux War of 1876

A series of battles between the US army and the Lakota people were comprised in The Great Sioux War of 1876.

The Sioux Facts 9: the beginning and final battles

Wolf Mountain was the last battle. The Battle of Powder River was the beginning of the battle.  Check facts about the American history here.

The Sioux Facts 10: other battles

Other battles in Great Sioux War of 1876 included the Dull Knife Fight, Battle of Warbonnet Creek, Battle of the Little Bighorn, the Battle of the Rosebud and Battle of Slim Buttes.

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