10 Interesting the Chinese Culture Facts

Friday, March 25th 2016. | Culture

Let’s find out the interesting The Chinese Culture Facts in the below post. Chinese culture is considered as one of the oldest cultures in the world. It was originated thousands of years ago. The culture of China also affects the nearby countries in Asia. The culture is varied depending on the towns, cities and provinces in China. Here are some interesting facts about the Chinese Culture:

The Chinese Culture Facts 1: the elements of Chinese culture

Religion, philosophy, visual arts, cuisine, martial arts, architecture, ceramics, and literature are included as some elements of Chinese culture.

The Chinese Culture Facts 2: the Imperial Era of China

During the Imperial Era of China, the red and yellow colors were often used by the emperors. The fashion in that era was seen based on the social classes. Find facts about Chinese New Year here.

Facts about The Chinese Culture

Facts about The Chinese Culture

The Chinese Culture Facts 3: the fashion trend in Qing Dynasty

The last imperial dynasty in China was in the era of Qing Dynasty. The fashion trend in this era was totally different from the previous imperial era for people began to wear cheongsam. It was called as Hanfy. It features various symbols for the decorative aspects.

The Chinese Culture Facts 4: Chinese architecture

The Chinese architecture is very important.  It could be traced back around 2,000 years ago. One of the famous architectural designs is seen on the Forbidden City. The design focuses on the width. Get facts about China here.

The Chinese Culture and Lanterns

The Chinese Culture and Lanterns

The Chinese Culture Facts 5: the features in the Chinese architecture

Besides emphasizing on the width, the Chinese architecture also focuses on the symmetry. It was applied to design many types of building from farmhouses into the palaces. However, the garden was often decorated in asymmetrical design.

The Chinese Culture Facts 6: Feng Shui

The architecture of China is also affected by Feng Shui. It also affects other types of architecture in the world.

The Chinese Culture Facts

The Chinese Culture Facts

The Chinese Culture Facts 7: the Chinese cuisine in Suzhou

If you are in Suzhou, the Chinese meals include the fermented tofu, shrimp, rice, eggplants, rice and vegetable stir fry.

The Chinese Culture Facts 8: the emperors

There were more than 100 dishes per meal served when the emperors hosted banquets. There is no need to wonder that Chinese cuisine is varied and diverse.

The Chinese Culture Image

The Chinese Culture Image

The Chinese Culture Facts 9: the tea culture

The tea culture in China is not similar with the teal culture in Japan or even Britain. It has different occasion, taste and preparation.

The Chinese Culture Facts 10: the games

There are various popular games in China. Mah Jong is one of them.

The Chinese Culture Pictures

The Chinese Culture Pictures

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