10 Interesting Navajo Facts

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Navajo Facts present the interesting information about the Navajo Indians.  If you like to know the culture, customs, habits and place of living of Navajo Indians, you have to read the following detail below. They have been in America for many years.

Navajo Facts 1: the indigenous people

Navajo Indian is called as the indigenous people in some states in US such as Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. Today, Navajo is the largest tribe in the country.

Navajo Facts 2: the traditional role of men and women

The men and women in Navajo have different roles. The women should stay at home to keep the land. They also wove and spun wools and keep the sheep. On the other hand, the men have the job to keep the home safe and hunt for food.

Navajo Ancestry

Navajo Ancestry

Navajo Facts 3: houses

The houses of Navajo tribe are very special. Some people also call it pit house, earth lodges or hogans. This earthen house actually is not only used by Navajo tribe but also by the West Coast, Plateau and Sioux Indians. Get facts about Cherokee Indians to know another tribe.

Navajo Facts 4: Manuelito

Manuelito is the famous leader of Navajo tribe. He defended the land from the United States domination.

Navajo Dance

Navajo Dance

Navajo Facts 5: clothes

What about the clothes that Navajo people wear? They usually wear the clothes from the skin of small animals. However, the Navajo people begin to use the clothes from woven since they raise sheep. The wool is used to make cloak, blankets and ponchos.

Navajo Facts 6: food

The Navajo people will gather food to eat. The men will hunt for fish, small game and deer. But they also get the meat from the goat and sheep that they raise. The Navajo people also produce sunflower seeds, squash, beans and corn.

Navajo Facts

Navajo Facts

Navajo Facts 7: Athabaskan

Athabaskan is the dialect used by the Navajo tribe when they want to communicate with others.

Navajo Facts 8: fame

The Navajo people are famous as silversmith, potters, stockbreeders and skilled weavers.

Navajo Indian

Navajo Indian

Navajo Facts 9: women

Women like to wear jewelry. They are made from silver and turquoise jewelry.

Navajo Facts10: face paint

For everyday occasion, you will never see any face paint on the Navajo people. They will paint the body in the important ceremonies.

Navajo Treaty

Navajo Treaty

Most men and women in Navajo tribe wear Moccasins. These shoes are created from the deerskin or soft leather. Do you want to give facts about Navajo?

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