10 Interesting Modern Egypt Facts

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Modern Egypt Facts elaborate the facts about the life of present people in Egypt. You will know the way people eat, dress, communicate, write and travel. You can compare it with the life of the people in ancient Egypt. Even though Egypt is located in Africa, The culture and life style of the people reflect the Middle East. Here are facts about modern Egypt for you:

Modern Egypt Facts 1: dress

The ways people get dressed reflect the combination of traditional and modern values.  If you go to the capital city of Egypt, some people like the modern clothes by wearing sneakers and jeans. But you can also find the people in traditional dress.

Modern Egypt Facts 2: conservative clothing style

Most people in modern Egypt embrace Islam. The people will get dressed based on the Islamic rules. The dress should cover the knees and shoulders. The traditional dress worn by men some in the shape a long and cotton robe is called galabayya.

Modern Egypt Attraction

Modern Egypt Attraction

Modern Egypt Facts 3: camel

Camel was the main transportation in the ancient Egypt. Today, the common means of transportation are cars, buses and trains. Camel is only used for fun purpose in the tourism objects.

Modern Egypt Facts 4: homes

What about the homes of the modern people? In the big cities, modern homes are made from glass and steel. In some villages, the houses are created from bricks and mud.

Modern Egypt Facts

Modern Egypt Facts

Modern Egypt Facts 5: attractions

The attraction of the modern Egypt still lies on the ancient culture and building. People will come here to see the Great Sphinx of Giza, Pyramids, papyrus, mummies and Hieroglyphics. Check Hieroglyphics facts here.

Modern Egypt Facts 6: food

The main food of Egyptian people is bread.  It is not made from wheat. The Egyptian bread is special for it is made of barley, corn, or rice. Other foods served on the meal include beans, couscous, rice, and fruits. The meats that people eat are rabbit, goat, beef and lamb.

Modern Egypt Image

Modern Egypt Image

Modern Egypt Facts 7: activities

Besides enjoying the culture and ancient buildings, you can also enjoy swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling in the beaches in Egypt.

Modern Egypt Facts 8: animals

There are many kinds of desert animal in Egypt. You can find 30 types of snakes in the country. The venomous cobra is found here. Other animals include bats, rodents, donkey and camels.

Modern Egypt Photos

Modern Egypt Photos

Modern Egypt Facts 9: Holidays and Celebrations

Eid Al-Adha is one of the important holidays for Egyptian Muslims. The children will wear the best clothes.

Modern Egypt Facts 10: Luxor

Luxor is one of the central towns in Egypt.  People like to visit the town for it is the home of the great temple.

Modern Egypt Pictures

Modern Egypt Pictures

Talking about the land, the area of Egypt is a part of Sahara desert. You can also see the famous Nile River running in Egypt. Are you impressed with facts about modern Egypt?

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