10 Interesting Maasai Tribe Facts

Thursday, June 26th 2014. | Culture

Maasai Tribe facts inform you with the culture of the tribe living in Kenya. If you want to study Kenyan culture, you need to know the culture of the Maasai tribe.   Many people like to go to Kenya to observe the attractive dress style, culture and strategic territories of Maasai tribe. Here are the facts about Maasai tribe for you:

Maasai Tribe Facts 1: place of living

You can find Maasai tribe living on the border of the two countries, Kenya and Tanzania.  The people of Maasai tribe only occupy 0.7 percent the whole population in Kenya. Check Kenya facts here.

Maasai Tribe Facts 2: language

The Maasai tribes speak a Nilotic ethnic language, Maa. This language is originated from the Nile region in North Africa. Another tribe which has the similar culture and language of Maasai tribe is Samburu tribe.

Maasai Tribe Facts

Maasai Tribe Facts

Maasai Tribe Facts 3: history of Maasai tribe

Let’s talk about the brief history of Maasai tribe.  The ancestors of this tribe are believed to come from North Africa. In the 15th century, the tribe arrived in Northern Kenya after they migrated to the south along the Nile River.

Maasai Tribe Facts 4: arrival of Maasai tribe

In the late of 19th century, Maasai tribe ancestors extended their way in Tanzania and Rift Valley. They settled here to graze the cattle.

Maasai Tribe Pic

Maasai Tribe Pic

Maasai Tribe Facts 5: territory of the Maasai tribe

The territory of Maasai tribe was very big. Once, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Samburu, Tsavo National Parks and Nairobi National Park belonged to Masaai tribe. In Tanzania, the Manyara, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Serengeti parks were the area of Maasai tribe.

Maasai Tribe Facts 6: place of living now

Now Maasai tribe only lives in the Kajiado and Narok districts. This small piece of land is located around the game reserves.

Maasai Tribe Women

Maasai Tribe Women

Maasai Tribe Facts 7: warrior

The male Maasai tribe gains the source of pride when he can be a warrior.  Since they are kids, the Maasai tribes will be taught on how to become a warrior.

Maasai Tribe Facts 8: the role of a warrior

Lets’ talk about the role of a warrior in Maasai tribe. Their jobs are to build Maasai homes or kraals, secure the family and protect the animals from predators and human.

Maasai Tribe

Maasai Tribe

Maasai Tribe Facts 9: father and elders

The ones who teach the young boy to become a good warrior are the father and the elder people in the tribe.  The young boys also need to find out the responsibility, custom, and laws in the tribe.

Maasai Tribe Facts 10: Euntoo

Euntoo is an important ceremony in Maasai tribe. This event marks a carefree lifestyle that young boy can have after he becomes a warrior.

Maasai Tribes

Maasai Tribes

The Olng’eshere ceremony is another important ceremony which marks the increased level of a warrior in the tribe. Do you have question on facts about Maasai tribe?

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