10 Interesting Medieval England Facts

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If you like to study about history, you need to read the whole Medieval England Facts. England is one of the interesting countries in the world that you can learn. It is rich of culture and history. You can find out the life of the people in England during the medieval time by reading the following post below:

Medieval England Facts 1: Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings is one of the famous battles in England. If you think that this battle occurred in Hastings, you are wrong. Actually it took place at Senlac Hill. It is located 10 kilometer from North West of Hastings.

Medieval England Facts 2: London Bridge

One of the famous buildings in England is London Bridge. You can see the modern version now. Actually the earliest version was damaged in 1014. The bridge was down when Saxons tried a rope to it and pulled the bridge down.

Medieval England facts

Medieval England facts

Medieval England Facts 3: Berengaria of Navarre

Not many people realize that Berengaria of Navarre was a queen of England. She married to The Lionheart, King Richard. However, it is quite fascinating to know that the queen actually was never lived in England. She always lived in Europe.

Medieval England Facts 4: the people in England

The Domesday Book states that 10 percent of the people living in England were slaves in 1086.

Medieval England image

Medieval England image

Medieval England Facts 5: Brown Bears

In the medieval ages, people can find out Brown Bears. But they became extinct during 11th century. Then the official imported the bears for sport.

Medieval England Facts 6: trial

The trial during the medieval time was not only for human but also for animal. When an animal was found guilty, it will be sentenced too.

Medieval England map

Medieval England map

Medieval England Facts 7: taking a bath

Many people think that the people in medieval England took a bath occasionally. Actually it was not true. They liked to take a bath regularly. Find out more facts about medieval history here.

Medieval England Facts 8: food for poor people

The main meals that the poor people served everyday were rye and barley bread.

Medieval England Pic

Medieval England Pic

Medieval England Facts 9: medicine recipe

One of the bizarre recipes from the medieval England that you should not try at home was created from the mixtures of leaves, marigold flowers and roasted egg shells.

Medieval England Facts 10: name

The introduction of surnames occurred in 1066 in England. Before that, people only had one name.

Medieval England

Medieval England

The surname of the people was often selected based on their nickname. For example, Robert Red has Red as the surname because it was linked with his hair color. Are you interested checking facts about medieval England?

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