10 Interesting the Hopi Tribe Facts

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If you want to know about a Native American tribe, check The Hopi Tribe Facts.  There were 18,327 Hopi who lived in U.S. as of 2010. Most of them were centered on Hopi Reservation located in northeastern Arizona. It covered the area at 6,557.26 km square or 2,531.773 square miles. The Hopi people speak the Hopi language.  Most Hopi people are included in the Hopi Tribe of Arizona. But some of Hopi tribes are included in Colorado River Indian Tribes. Let’s check other interesting facts about Hopi Tribes below:

The Hopi Tribe Facts 1: Pueblo People

The Hopi tribe was called as Pueblo people when the Spanish people had contact with the tribe in 16th century. It was due to their place of living in villages. In Spanish language, village is called pueblos. Therefore, they were called Pueblo people.

The Hopi Tribe Facts 2: the large apartment house

In the past, the large apartment houses complexes in southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona were constructed by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. When the villages were neglected in 12th to 14th century, they inhabited along Mogollon Rim. Look at facts about Navajo here.

The Hopi Tribe Facts

The Hopi Tribe Facts

The Hopi Tribe Facts 3: the word Hopi

The name of the tribe is Hopituh Shi-nu-mu. It is shortened into Hopi. The meaning of the word is “Peaceful Little Ones” and “The Peaceful People”. Get facts about Maasai Tribe here.

The Hopi Tribe Facts 4: the clans

The clans of Hopi tribe are managed by the matrilineal pattern traditionally. The kids will follow the clan of their mother, not father.

The Hopi Tribe Pictures

The Hopi Tribe Pictures

The Hopi Tribe Facts 5: the sacred land

The land is sacred for Hopi tribe. There is no need to wonder that Hopi considers agriculture as an important aspect in their life. The concept of divided and bounded land was not seen in the Navajo and Hopi.

The Hopi Tribe Facts 6:  the Hopi reservation

The reservation for Hopi tribe was passed by President Arthur on 16th December 1882.  If you compare it with the Navajo reservation, the latter one was larger.

The Hopi Tribe

The Hopi Tribe

The Hopi Tribe Facts 7: Hopi reservation today

The larger Navajo reservation today is seen around Hopi Reservation. There was a conflict between Hopi and Navajo when there was a shared Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area.

The Hopi Tribe Facts 8: the traditional ceremonies

The traditional ceremonies are applied for a complete cycle in Hopi. But not all people experienced the complete ceremonies.

The Hopi Tribe House

The Hopi Tribe House

The Hopi Tribe Facts 9: the influence

The missionary works as well as Christianity have great deal of influence on the culture of Hopi tribe. Some Hopi people drop their traditional religion and convert to Christianity.

The Hopi Tribe Facts 10: albinism

The high rate of albinism among Hopi tribe is very high. It is around 1 of 200 people.

The Hopi Tribe Images

The Hopi Tribe Images

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