10 Interesting Foot Binding Facts

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Foot Binding facts are unique to study about. For some people, it is very uncommon as tradition. In fact, China has applied such foot binding tradition up to know. Learning the facts can help you to understand better about it.

Foot Binding Facts 1: lotus feet

Foot binding is also called as lotus feet. Foot binding is the custom or culture in applying tight binding to the feet which can be considered to be painful. It is applied to young girls. The purpose of foot binding is to prevent or avoid further growth of the feet.

Foot Binding Facts 2: the history

You need to know about the practice of this culture. It was during the 5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms period among upper-class court dancers. Later, it spread and became common culture among the lowest classes in the Song Dynasty.

Foot Binding Facts

Foot Binding Facts

Foot Binding Facts 3: symbol of beauty

Do you know the purpose of foot binding? It is to display status for women. In Chinese culture, it also becomes the symbol of beauty.

Foot Binding Facts 4: the banning

There was an emperor who tried to ban foot binding. It was Emperor Kangxi in 1664. Yet, it was failed actually.

Foot Binding in China

Foot Binding in China

Foot Binding Facts 5: applied foot binding

Any young girls reaching the age of 5 years old may gain their first foot binding. The purpose is to gain perfect shape of binding as they grow older later.

Foot Binding Facts 6: the process

The mothers of young girls may use long cloth to bind the feet. The purpose is to make the toes to bend. It also has the purpose to break the bones of the feet. It may force both the back and front and foot. Later, it may make the foot gaining the appearance of high arch.

Foot Binding Pic

Foot Binding Pic

Foot Binding Facts 7: ultimate foot

The ultimate foot is aimed to reach the size of 3 up to 4 inches. It is usually gained in 3 years. In such time, the foot will be broken in many times in order to gain perfect shape.

Foot Binding Facts 8:  peasant woman

Foot binding will not be applied to peasant woman. It is because they need to do many working activities which may require doing mobility.

Foot Binding Shoes

Foot Binding Shoes

Foot Binding Facts 9: sign of attractiveness

It is true that foot binding is the sign of attractiveness. Any parents may look for prospective wife for the son by looking from the feet of the girl.

Foot Binding Facts 10: perfume

Any scented powder or perfume will be applied in the binding to avoid smell problem.

Foot Binding

Foot Binding

The information above perhaps will help you to understand better about it. Many people are interested to facts about Foot Binding.

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