10 Interesting Celts Facts

Thursday, November 28th 2013. | Culture

Celts facts will become so much helpful for any people who really want to understand and recognize better about Celts. The fact is that people may always look for the idea in how to learn better about Celts. Therefore the information below can become your best reference actually.

Celts Facts 1: central Europe

Mostly people who hear about Celts indeed may recognize that they may always relate Celts whether to Scotland or also Ireland. Yet, the fact is that Celts are originated within central Europe indeed. The heartland is Germany and also Austria.

Celts Facts 2: writing system

If you review about the history, you may find out that Celts didn’t have any writing system. So, how come they may gain knowledge? It is from their artworks and cultures actually. This actually may become important information for any of you.

Celt culture

Celt culture

Celts Facts 3: language

So, what is about the language? You may recognize that Celtic indeed has certain language called as Celtic Language. The fact is that such language has been disappearing as the time goes by even up to today.

Celts Facts 4: traders

The Celts actually are active traders who have gained relation with Mediterranean merchants. So, what kind of products do they trade? There are weapons, iron tools, pottery, and also wine. They can be considered to be successful traders indeed.

Celtic people

Celtic people

Celts Facts 5: road network

You need to understand as well that Celts have created road network even before Romans across the Europe. This indeed may become basic knowledge indeed for any people in how to gain information about the Celts.

Celts Facts 6: barbaric?

Many people may recognize Celts to be barbaric race. Yet, is it really true? The fact is that Celts have advanced economic and also science aspect even better than Roman. There is even information that ancient calendar of Celtics have better accuracy than Gregorian one.

celtic warriors

celtic warriors

Celts Facts 7: the wealth

Next fact is that the Celts’ wealth which has attracted Julius Caesar to conquer it. Even in France, there were 400 goldmines actually.

Celts Facts 8:  tweezers

You may find out the fact that Celts’ noblemen were not like what people picture in having long hair and untamed beard. The fact is that their hair was neat and short. The discovery has founded tweezers as well actually.



Celts Facts 9: formidable empire

The main reason why the Celts become so much formidable empire during the time is because they can produce armory and weapons sooner than the rivals.

Celts Facts 10: tribal arguments

The Celts indeed were the rivals of Roman Empire. Yet, they suffer from defeat because they cannot conduct team work among their tribes.

armed celts

armed celts

Learning facts about Celts may help people in order to gain the best information related to Celts. In this case, you can even gain better review about such facts from any different media .

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