10 Interesting German Culture Facts

Sunday, February 16th 2014. | Culture

German Culture facts provide the valuable information about the beautiful and modern country in the world. Have you visited Germany? If you have, I believe that you are impressed with the castles, festivals, arts, and German food. This country is famous with cheese, food, beer and sausage. Find out more about German culture in the following post below:

German Culture Facts 1: population

Let’s talk about the population of the people living in Germany. It is estimated that this country is occupied by 82 million people. The data are based on the census in 2010.

German Culture Facts 2: Berlin

The biggest city in German is Berlin. This city is the capital of German. The people living here are around 3.5 million people.

German Culture and Dance

German Culture and Dance

German Culture Facts 3: name

Many people only recognize this country with Germany name. Actually it has the full name of Bundesrepublik Deutschland or Federal Republic of Germany. People call this country with the nick name “Land der Dichter und Denker”.

German Culture Facts 4: flag colors

Talking about the flag color of Germany, it has black, red and gold. The language that people use in every day communication is German. The government system in the country is Democracy republic. It has the literacy rate of 99 percent.

German Culture and Food

German Culture and Food

German Culture Facts 5: location

There are several countries bordered Germany.  It shares the border with other nine countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and many more.

German Culture Facts 6: Zugspitze

Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. It has the height around 10,000 feet or 2,963 meters. Every year, this mountain is visited by people all over the world. The top view is enchanting.

German Culture facts

German Culture facts

German Culture Facts 7: vacations

If you decide to come to Germany, there are many places that you can visit. If you go to Berlin, you can have more vacations on the German reunification and history. If you go to Rhine Valley and Cologne, you can find out carnival, Lorelei and cathedrals.

German Culture Facts 8: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the famous events that you can enjoy when visiting Germany. You can go to Munich to see it. This city enables people to see more about German’s art and Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”.

German Culture Music

German Culture Music

German Culture Facts 9: Bavaria and the German Alps

Other areas in Germany that you can visit include Bavaria and the German Alps. This is the perfect place for a relaxed holiday. You can go hiking and skiing.

German Culture Facts 10: famous people

There are many famous people from Germany. You can see the great poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Other people include Gottlieb Daimler and Albert Einstein.

German Culture

German Culture

The German food is very delicious. You can try Sauerkraut, Black Forest Cake, Semmelknoedel, and Spargel. Do you have any opinion on facts about German culture?

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