10 Interesting Kung Fu Facts

Friday, May 30th 2014. | Culture

Kung Fu facts inform people with the famous Chinese martial art. The word Kung Fu is familiar for most people in the world because there are many Kung Fu actors who amaze people with the stunning martial art. Here are the facts about Kung Fu to know:

Kung Fu Facts 1: internal chi

There are many kinds of martial arts. Kung Fu is one of them. You can differentiate Kung Fu with other martial arts based on the internal chi. Chi is a person’s life energy. The aim is to increase the tranquility, calmness and spirituality.

Kung Fu Facts 2: Kung Fu for people

If you are interested to study about Kung Fu, you need to start it when you are still a kid. It will be easy for you to learn the difficult movements since the agility and flexibly of the kids are great.

Kung Fu  Actor

Kung Fu Actor

Kung Fu Facts 3: age of studying Kung Fu

The children of five to six years old can start learning Kung Fu. Actually the fitness and size of the child determines the class of the children.

Kung Fu Facts 4: Po the Panda

If you like to know the animated movie of Kung Fu, watch Kung Fu Panda, This character was played by Jack Black. The movie was a huge success and had Chinese influence.

Kung Fu  Saolin

Kung Fu Saolin

Kung Fu Facts 5: Bruce Lee

One of the icons of Kung Fu masters was Bruce Lee. This man was an actor who lived from 1940 to 1973. He practiced Wing Chun at the age of 12 years old.

Kung Fu Facts 6: Jet Li

If you like to watch the Chinese movie, the actor Jet Li is very familiar. He was born on 26 the April 1963. Before he becomes a full time actor, he was a Wushu champion.

Kung Fu facts

Kung Fu facts

Kung Fu Facts 7: Jackie Chan

The martial art performance of Kung Fu is always shown by Jackie Chan in most of his movies. He also injects the comedy on the Kung Fu movement to amaze the audience. When people watch his movie, they are amazed with new movement and style of Kung Fu. Check Jackie Chan facts here.

Kung Fu Facts 8: Ray Park

You can see the style of Kung Fu of the famous actor, Ray Park. This man can be seen as a Toad in the movie X-men and Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  He masters Wushu.

Kung Fu Fights

Kung Fu Fights

Kung Fu Facts 9: Kwoon

Kwoon is a term used to call the room to train the Kung Fu students.

Kung Fu Facts 10: styles

There are some styles of the early Kung Fu. You can find snake, crane, dragon, tiger and leopard.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu

If you are interested to study about Kung Fu, you can find the class in China town. What do you think on facts about Kung Fu?

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