10 Interesting French Language Facts

Friday, January 31st 2014. | Culture

Let me show your some interesting French language facts. Studying French is very important for the people who want to speak foreign language. French is considered as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Even though English is the international language, you can add your language ability by speaking French fluently. Find out the facts about French in the following post below:

French Language Facts 1: the second language

English is considered as the first language. French is considered as the second language in the world.  There are 32 countries which consider French as the official language.

French Language Facts 2: students and teachers

Another language other than English taught in most countries in the world is French. There are two million French teachers and 100 million students who learn French all over the world.

French Language Countries

French Language Countries

French Language Facts 3: city

The first largest French speaking city in the world is Paris. The second one is Kinshasa. Other cities include Montreal and Brussels.

French Language Facts 4: number of French speaking people

The number of the French speaking people is increased since 1945. After the decolonization of France and Belgium, the colonies still use the French education, language and government system.

French Language Facts

French Language Facts

French Language Facts 5: The American people

It is estimated that there are 6 to 11 American people who speak French language.

French Language Facts 6: international organization

There are many international organizations in the world using French as the official language such as EU, UN, the Arab league, and African Union.

French Language Paris

French Language Paris

French Language Facts 7: the French speaking countries

There are several countries in the world using French as their main language such as Belgium, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland and many more.

French Language Facts 8: French-speaking scientists

There are many French-speaking scientists who amazed people with their inventions. Some of the famous inventions include the snowmobile, HDTV, smart cards, cinema, hot air balloon, Velcro, the saxophone, and radial tires.

French Language Snail

French Language Snail

French Language Facts 9: The Agence universities de la Francophonie

There are 630 French language universities which are networked by The Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

French Language Facts 10: French language authors

French language authors are famous around the world. If you like to read the literature by French people, look at the books of Nancy Houston, Milan Kundera, Tahar Ben Jeloun, Andreï Makhine, Jonathan Little and Dany Laferrière.

French Language

French Language

French were spoken widely by all of the people in Germany and Holland at the end of 19th century. You can learn French if you want to be fluent in speaking this beautiful language. Do you have any question on facts about French language?

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