10 Interesting Medieval History Facts

Friday, July 18th 2014. | History

Medieval History Facts provide the information about the social life, life style, food and culture of the medieval times. It will be interesting to study about the history of medieval time because you can find their habit of the people. You will know the popular music, dance and songs during the time. Here are facts about medieval history for you:

Medieval History Facts 1: ‘French Disease’

During the middle ages, Syphilis was called as a French disease. The people believed that the French people were immoral. It seems that the belief is not true.

Medieval History Facts 2: Organum

Organum is a famous form of medieval music. It is a kind of polyphonic singing. You can find the music performed at Notre Dame in Paris. Check Medieval music facts here.

Medieval History Book

Medieval History Book

Medieval History Facts 3: Habsburg Castle

Habsburg Castle is the famous castle is Austria.  The ruling family in the country took the name of the family from the name of this castle. Habsburg has the meaning of Hawk’s fortress.

Medieval History Facts 4: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine was famous as the wife of King Henry II of England. She was the mother two England kings. Both were King John and King Richard I Lionheart. Eleanor was also the queen of Burgundy.

Medieval History Facts

Medieval History Facts

Medieval History Facts 5: Popes

During the medieval time, Popes were very important in the religious belief. There were six Popes who had the name Adrian. The last Pope who had Adrian name only lasted for a month.

Medieval History Facts 6: ‘Summa Theological

‘Summa Theologica’ was invented by St Thomas Aquinas. He stated that Averroes was the greatest influence when he wrote his Theologica.

Medieval History Pic

Medieval History Pic

Medieval History Facts 7: St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi is always famous with his miracle for receiving stigmata. The stigmata are always associated with the wounds that people get just like the Christ wounds. It usually involves with the bleeding on the feet and hands.

Medieval History Facts 8: Tudors of England

Tudors of England lived during the middle ages. They originally came from Wales.

Medieval History Pics

Medieval History Pics

Medieval History Facts 9: solfeggio

Solfeggio had something to do with medieval music pitches. It was invented by Guido d’Arezzo.

Medieval History Facts 10: Manfredini

Manfredini lived from 1737 till 1799.  He was an Italian composer who had created seven operas during the middle ages.

Medieval History

Medieval History

By reading facts about medieval history, you know that there are many events of the queens and kings not only from England, but also from Austria and France.

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