10 Interesting California Facts

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Let me show you several California facts that you can enjoy in the post below. California is famous a state in US. Many people living here. This metropolis state is filled with many home buildings, famous stores, and interesting parks. Here are some facts about California to consider:

California Facts 1: California’s Mount Whitney

California’s Mount Whitney is a good place for the people who want to enjoy a changeling trail. You can go to the peak of this mountain by exploring 14,495 feet.

California Facts 2: California’s Kings Canyon National Park

California’s Kings Canyon National Park is the home to the giant sequoia from 1925. The name of this tree is derived from the national Christmas tree. The height of this old tree is more than 300 feet.

California Facts

California Facts

California Facts 3: Alpine County

Alpine County is counted as the eight smallest countries in California. The country is not modern. You can find any ATMs, traffic light, bank, dentist or even high school.

California Facts 4: Pacific Park

If you want to take your kids for a nice weekend, you can go to the California’s Pacific Park. It is located on Santa Monica Pier. You can ask your kids to try the 11 fascinating rides. The Pacific Park offers you with beautiful view. It is called along the Pacific Coast.

California Sign

California Sign

California Facts 5: Kennedy Mine

Kennedy Mine was established in 1850. It was located in Jackson. The mine is considered as the deepest and richest gold mine in North America.

California Facts 6: Fallbrook

If you like to enjoy eating the fresh avocado, you can go to Fallbrook. In the city, you can see many avocados than any other states in US. Avocado Festival can be seen in Fallbrook too.

California USA

California USA

California Facts 7: San Bernardino County

The largest county in California is San Bernardino County. It spans on 3 million acre land.

California Facts 8: Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery is cemetery located in Culver City, California. Some celebrities are buried here such as Eddie Canter, Percy Faith, Al Jolson, Jack Benny, and George Jessel. If you are interested to know about the Indian tribes, read South Dakota facts.



California Facts 9: The Grape State

California is well known as the grape state in US. Each year the state can produce around 300,000 tons of grapes. This state is also called as the Golden State, the El Dorado State and the Land Of Milk and Honey. If you want to know the state with a farmland, look at New Hampshire facts.

California Facts 10: Eureka

Eureka is the motto of the Californian people? It is Greek language. The meaning is “I have found it”. It becomes the state motto since 1849 because of the discovery of Sierra Nevada’s gold.

California Beach

California Beach

There are many places that you can visit in California. Some of them include the San Francisco bay, Castle Air Museum, Sequoia National Park, Inyo National Forest and many more. If you want to know more about the facts about California, wait for another post.

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