10 Interesting Lithium Facts

Tuesday, June 17th 2014. | Science

Lithium facts give the information about the one of the alkali metal group members.  It is symbolized as Li in the period table.  Lithium is solid if it is placed at room temperature. If you want to know the boiling point, density or even atomic number of lithium, read the following post below:

Lithium Facts 1: melting and boiling point

Lithium has the melting point of 356.97°F or 180.54°C. The boiling point of this alkali metal is 2448°F or 1342°C.

Lithium Facts 2: density

Let’s talk about the density of lithium. It is 0.534 grams per cm cubed. The atomic weight is 6.94, while it has the atomic number of 3. Check another density of metal element in iron facts.

Lithium  facts

Lithium facts

Lithium Facts 3: periodic table

If you are interested to check lithium in the periodic table, you can see the first column of the period table. It is located below hydrogen. This metal can create compound or cation for it only has a single valence electron.

Lithium Facts 4: characteristics

The color of lithium at a room temperature is silver white.  This soft metal has highest specific heat if you compare it with other solid elements. However, lithium is very light.

Lithium Coin

Lithium Coin

Lithium Facts 5: flammable

You need to be careful when handling lithium. This soft metal is flammable and reactive. It will reach with water and air so that people always store lithium in mineral oil. When lithium has contact with skin, it can cause flame or burn.

Lithium Facts 6: conductor

Compared to the other members in the alkali metal groups, lithium is less explosive and reactive. But when it is exposed to water and air, it is flammable. Many people use lithium as a conductor for it only has a single electron.

Lithium Facts 7: how to get lithium

You will never find any pure form of lithium on earth. You can get lithium in a compound. For example, you can get it from the igneous rocks, sea water and mineral springs.

Lithium Facts 8: usage of lithium

Lithium has various usages. Many industries use lithium as a part of the batteries. But it can also be used to create glass, anti depression drugs, aircrafts material, ceramics, and lubricating greases.

Lithium pic

Lithium pic

Lithium Facts 9: Johann August Arfvedson

Johann August Arfvedson is the person who discovered lithium in 1817. This Swedish chemist got lithium when he made a research on petalite ore.

Lithium Facts 10: Humphry Davy

Humphry Davy is the English chemist who can isolate the pure form of lithium in 1818.

Lithium Image

Lithium Image

There are seven isotopes that lithium has. But it only has two stable isotopes. Are you interested reading facts about lithium?

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