10 Interesting Pencil Facts

Sunday, October 5th 2014. | Science

If you want to know the unique information about Pencil Facts, you have to read the whole post below. Pencil is one of the most popular writing kits. Most people use it to draw or write. Kids love it because you can use the eraser if you make mistake. Get more facts about pencil here:

Pencil Facts 1: lead poisoning

Many people think when they are stabbed by a pencil, they will experience a lead poisoning. Actually it is not true because a pencil is created from a mixture of graphite and clay. There is no lead in it.  It can lead into infection if the wound is very serious. The stabber can be put in jail.

Pencil Facts 2: Graphite

The main component of a pencil is graphite. It is the crystal form of a carbon. It was discovered in the middle 16th century near Keswick, England. The name graphite was taken from the Greek word, graphein. It means to write. The person who named it graphite was A.G. Werner. He was an 18th century German chemist.

Pencil Colors

Pencil Colors

Pencil Facts 3: the word pencil

The pencil was taken from the Latin language. It was from the word penicillus. Do you know the meaning of this word? It is little tail.

Pencil Facts 4: length of writing

Have you ever tried to count the lines that you can draw using a pencil?  People estimate that it can write at least 45,000 words or 35 miles of lines.

Pencil Facts

Pencil Facts

Pencil Facts 5: Philip of Thessaloníki

During the 1st century BC, Philip of Thessaloníki who was the famous Greek Poet wrote about the leaden writing instrument. Probably it was a type of a traditional pencil.

Pencil Facts 6: the modern pencil

Conrad Gesner was the Swiss naturalist who described the modern pencil in 1565.

Pencil Image

Pencil Image

Pencil Facts 7: Nicolas-Jacques Conté

Nicolas-Jacques Conté was a pencil booster who had the patent or producing the clay and graphite pencil products in 1795.

Pencil Facts 8: the pencil sharpener

In 1828, the patent of the first pencil sharpener was granted for Bernard Lassimone. In 1847, a mechanical pencil sharpener was invented by Therry des Estwaux.

Pencil Pic

Pencil Pic

Pencil Facts 9: eraser

If you buy the pencil on the stores, you can get an eraser tip located on the top of the pencil. If you are in America, you find that most pencils sold in the stores are equipped with eraser tip.

Pencil Facts 10: Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau’s father has a business for making pencil. This man created his own pencil due to the business of his father. Get facts about Henry David Thoreau.



The first American mass production of pencil factory was established for the first time in New York City in 1861 by Eberhard Faber. Are you satisfied with facts about pencil?

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