10 Interesting Las Vegas Facts

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Las Vegas facts provide the interesting information about the city in US which gains a lot of money from gambling. This city is visited by many people all over the year. It is a good place for you to have fun and enjoy great entertainment. You can gamble, dance, enjoy various shows, and meet new people in Las Vegas. Here are the interesting facts about Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Facts 1: Fred Smith

Fred Smith who was the CEO of FedEx company used his 5000 dollar to gamble in Las Vegas in 1970s. He used his last money to get $32K by playing blackjack. Due to the money, he could maintain his FedEx business.

Las Vegas Facts 2: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. has a bad experiment when swimming in the pool of New Frontier hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 1952. The officials of the hotel drained the pool because it was not used by the black people. It was for white people only.

Las Vegas At Night

Las Vegas At Night

Las Vegas Facts 3: a secret city

You can find a secret city located under the city in Las Vegas. The city was the home to 100 people.  The secret city was the tunnel which runs on the casino.

Las Vegas Facts 4: Archie Karas

One of the famous players in Las Vegas was Archie Karas. This man took his $50 to gamble in 1992. He got $40,000,000. However, he lost all the money in the gambling. It seems that when you have won big, you need to stop playing and took the money home.

Las Vegas Facts

Las Vegas Facts

Las Vegas Facts 5: The Dunes

The first resort which presented the topless show girls is The Dunes. The famous show girls were in a show Minsky’s Follies.

Las Vegas Facts 6: The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is very famous in Las Vegas, Nevada. People want to reach the Las Vegas strip as soon as they come here. You can find the famous resorts, big hotels and casinos here. The first resort opened in Las Vegas Strip was the El Rancho Vegas in 1941.  Find out Nevada facts in detail.

Las Vegas Pic

Las Vegas Pic

Las Vegas Facts 7: the first casino and hotel

Do you know that the first casino and hotel in Las Vegas Nevada was opened in 1906? It was the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

Las Vegas Facts 8: marriage

Besides gambling, Las Vegas is famous with the instant marriage. Every day, there are 150 couples married in Las Vegas. Do you still remember the instant marriage of Britney Spears in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Facts 9: the Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell was a slot machine invented by Charles Fey in 1899. This is the pioneer of a slot machine that inspires all models today.

Las Vegas Facts 10: Micheal Jackson plan

Michael Jackson had a big plan to place his 50 foot tall moon walking robot of his replica on Las Vegas desert in 2007.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas at night is more glamour than in daytime. You can find many lights along Las Vegas Strip. Are you fascinated with facts about Las Vegas?

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