10 Interesting Abu Dhabi Facts

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Why don’t you read the following Abu Dhabi facts if you want to know the second most populous city in UAE? Dubai is considered as the most populous one even though Abu Dhabi serves as the capital of UAE. In 2014, the city proper was a home for 1.5 million people. The location of Abu Dhabi is in the Persian Gulf. It spans from the central western coast on a T-shaped Island. The seat of government of UAE is located in the city. The President of UAE and Abu Dhabi Emiri family live here. Let us get the details about Abu Dhabi by reading the following post below:

Abu Dhabi Facts 1: the development

Abu Dhabi enjoys a rapid development. It becomes a metropolitan area. Most people who live here have high earning.  Because of its important role as a capital of UAE, it became a hub for industries and politics.

Abu Dhabi Facts 2: climate

According to the Koppen climate classification, the city has hot desert climate. The city is filled with sunlight all year around. The maximum temperature in Abu Dhabi may reach 100 degrees F or 38 degrees Celsius. It is humid and hot.

Facts about Abu Dhabi

Facts about Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Facts 3: the visibility

In some occasions, the visibility of the people is reduced because of the intermittent sandstorms.

Abu Dhabi Facts 4: the local government

The local government is also spotted in Abu Dhabi. The emir will select the members of the government in Abu Dhabi Central Capital District. Check facts about Verona Italy here.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Abu Dhabi Facts 5: infrastructure projects

The infrastructure project in Abu Dhabi is at the hand of Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and the Regulation and Supervision Bureau. The state government has the job to maintain the finances.

Abu Dhabi Facts 6: the city plant

Sheikh Zayed became the guide for the city plan. Dr Takahashi was the Japanese architect hired for the city planning.  The initial plan was to create a city for 40,000 in 1967.

Abu Dhabi Image

Abu Dhabi Image

Abu Dhabi Facts 7: the density of population

The density of population in Abu Dhabi is varied. The suburban districts are inhabited by few people. The central downtown has the high density of people who live in the residential buildings. The central area is the center of density because of high employment. Check facts about Vancouver here.

Abu Dhabi Facts 8: the skyscrapers

Abu Dhabi is a home for a number of famous skyscrapers such as National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower and Etihad Towers.

Abu Dhabi Pic

Abu Dhabi Pic

Abu Dhabi Facts 9: tall buildings

Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 is a program, which encourages the construction of tall buildings in the city.

Abu Dhabi Facts 10: the tallest buildings

Central Market Residential Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Abu Dhabi. It has the height of 1,253.28 feet or 382 metres.

Abu Dhabi Facts

Abu Dhabi Facts

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