10 Interesting Sheffield Facts

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Let’s find out the metropolitan and city borough in South Yorkshire England in Sheffield Facts. The name of the city was taken from the river which flows inside the city. It is River Sheaf. Based on 2011 census, Sheffield was inhabited by 563,749 people. Due to this large number of population, the city is placed the third largest English district. Sheffield is also included in the Core Cities Group. Get more facts about Sheffield below:

Sheffield Facts 1: the steel production

The steel production in Sheffield was very famous in the world in 19th century. During the industrial revolution, the local people in Sheffield engaged in different kinds of innovations of stainless steel and crucible.

Sheffield Facts 2: the city of Sheffield

In 1843, Sheffield had the municipal charter. In 1893, it became a city. Find out another city in facts about London.

Sheffield Facts

Sheffield Facts

Sheffield Facts 3: the collapse of the steel production

Even though in the past Sheffield was very famous with its steel production, it was decreased in 1970s and 1980s. It was due to the competition of the traditional local industries of steel and iron in the city. The coal mining was also declined at the same time.

Sheffield Facts 4: the green city

Sheffield is a good place to live because it is located in green space. You can find Peak district national park here. The city is also a home to more than 250 parks, gardens and woodlands. Find out River Thames facts here.

Sheffield Pic

Sheffield Pic

Sheffield Facts 5: the highest ratio of trees to people

Sheffield takes the record of the highest ratio of trees to people in Europe because it is a home to more than 2 million trees.

Sheffield Facts 6: UK City of Culture

The people probably are a little bit disappointed because Sheffield could not take the record as designed United Kingdom city of culture in 2010 even though it was shortlisted.  Derry takes the title.

Sheffield Street

Sheffield Street

Sheffield Facts 7: Sheffield Walk of Fame

Sheffield Walk of Fame is a nice attraction that you can find in Sheffield.   It is used to honor the notable Sheffield residents located in the City Centre.

Sheffield Facts 8: Wheel of Sheffield

Wheel of Sheffield was the famous Ferris Wheel in the city. The location of the structure was at Fargate shopping precinct. In October 2010, the wheel was relocated to Hyde Park, London.

Sheffield City

Sheffield City

Sheffield Facts 9: the animal farm collection

If you are interested to know the animal farm collections, you can go to Heeley City Farm and Graves Park.

Sheffield Facts 10: the nightclubs

Gatecrasher one was a notable nightclub in Sheffield.  On 18 June 2007, it was damaged by a fire. But you can find other nightclubs in the city.



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