10 Interesting Shanghai Facts

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One of the important cities in China is explained in Shanghai Facts.  It is considered as the most populous city in the country. Based on the report in 2013, it was inhabited by around 24 million people. Shanghai is called as the busiest container port and global financial center in China. Let’s find out more Shanghai facts below:

Shanghai Facts 1: the location of Shanghai

Let’s find out the location of Shanghai. It is situated on the south edge of Yangtze River in East China. To the north, south and west, the municipality of Shanghai shares the border with Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Find out interesting facts about Shanghai Tower here.

Shanghai Facts 2: the growth and development of Shanghai

Shanghai is called as the major trading, administrative and shipping city. The European people recognized the importance of Shanghai since 19th century due to the port.



Shanghai Facts 3: the trade

The trade in Shanghai was flourished in 1930s in Asia Pacific. In 1949, the mainland of China was under the control of Communist Party. Therefore, the trade in Shanghai was only conducted with socialist countries.

Shanghai Facts 4: the tourism

The tourism in Shanghai is very famous in the world for you can enjoy wonderful Chinese culture and landmarks. Get facts about China here.

Shanghai People

Shanghai People

Shanghai Facts 5: the famous landmarks

There are famous landmarks that you can find in Shanghai such as Yu Garden, Lujiazui skyline, City God Temple, the Bund, the China Art Museum and Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai Facts 6: the modernity in China

The modernity in China is always associated with Shanghai.  The first train tracks were constructed in Shanghai. The first motor was driven here.

Shanghai Pic

Shanghai Pic

Shanghai Facts 7: the famous writers

There were several famous writers who considered Shanghai as their battleground of their works. Ye Lingfeng, Shao Xunmei, Shi Zhecun and Eileen Chang were included as romantic writers.

Shanghai Facts 8: cyberpunk culture

Now Shanghai is notable with its cyberpunk culture. The buildings which increase its cyberpunk style include Yan’an Elevated Road and Oriental Pearl Tower.

Shanghai City

Shanghai City

Shanghai Facts 9: Wu Chinese language

Wu Chinese language is commonly spoken by the descendants of Jiangsu and Zhejiang who moved to Shanghai.

Shanghai Facts 10: China Art Museum

If you want to visit the largest art museum in Asia, you have to go to China Art Museum. If you want to visit other interesting museums in Shanghai, you can go to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shanghai Natural History Museum. You will be able to know more about science and natural history.

Shanghai Facts

Shanghai Facts

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