10 Interesting Mumbai Facts

Friday, August 15th 2014. | Cities

If you want to know one of the interesting cities in India, you have to check Mumbai facts. This metropolis city serves people with a lot of buildings and people. Many people like to visit Mumbai due to its growth and development. It is also a place where people can find big industries and rich people. Here are facts about Mumbai for you:

Mumbai Facts 1: an island

Not many people realize that actually Mumbai was a group of seven islands in the past. Circa 1784, there was merger on the seven islands which created a large landmass. The process took at least a period of 6 decades.

Mumbai Facts 2: name

In the past, Mumbai was called Bombay. Francis Almeida, the Portuguese navigator called the city Bombay.  It was taken from the Bom Bahia. The meaning of the word is Good Bay.

Mumbai City

Mumbai City

Mumbai Facts 3: Dante’s Divine Comedy

Dante’s Divine Comedy is one of the famous literary texts in the world. Do you know that one of the only two first editions of this book is housed in The Asiatic Society Library?

Mumbai Facts 4: Bombay from Portuguese to English

Bombay was given to English in 1661 by Portuguese as a part of a dowry. At that time, Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal married King Charles II of England.

Mumbai Facts

Mumbai Facts

Mumbai Facts 5: name Mumbai

Then Bombay is called Mumbai. The name was taken from  Mumba Devi and Ai. She is the ancient goddess of Koli fishing community. In the Marathi word, the meaning of Mumba is mother.

Mumbai Facts 6: the zero mile of Mumbai

There are three different locations in Mumbai which mark the zero miles. Those include the Asiatic Society Library in the Fort area, The Flora Fountain at Hutatma Chowk and the GPO near the CST terminus.

Mumbai Pic

Mumbai Pic

Mumbai Facts 7: Mumbai suburban trains

Mumbai suburban trains are considered as one of the main transportations in Mumbai. Every single day, the trains carry 7.2 million commuters. Do you know that the number of the commuters is more than the population of Israel?

Mumbai Facts 8: lunch boxes

Lunch boxes are called dabbas in India. Besides carrying the passengers, the Mumbai suburban trains are used to carry 200,000 lunch boxes to be distributed for the workers, corporates and students.

Mumbai Scenery

Mumbai Scenery

Mumbai Facts 9: famous people born in Mumbai

The famous people who were born in Mumbai include Rudyard Kipling and Douglas Jardine. Kipling was a Nobel Prize winner with his book Jungle Book and Mowgli, while Jardine was famous as the English cricket team captain. Get India facts here for detail information.

Mumbai Facts 10: the birthplace of Kipling

Can you mention the birthplace of Kipling? He was born at the campus of the JJ Institute of Applied Art.



If you want to travel in Mumbai, don’t forget to come to Bhendi Bazaar. This place is great for those who want to shop. Are you interested reading facts about Mumbai?

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