10 Interesting Adelaide Facts

Sunday, November 3rd 2013. | Cities

If you want to go to Australia, you need to read Adelaide facts. There are many things that you can explore when you are in Adelaide. Australia is an exotic country. You will be served with different culture, animals, flower and recreational places. Look at the complete facts about Adelaide here:

Adelaide Facts 1: dress code

When you are visiting Adelaide, It is better for you to choose the informal clothes. You do not need to dress in formal state. The spring and summer season can be passed through by earning light weight clothes. When the winter comes, you just have to wear topcoat, sweater and umbrella.

Adelaide Facts 2: time zones

There are three time zones in Australia. Adelaide is included in the western standard time. It usually is +9.5 hours to GMT.



Adelaide Facts 3: cultural destination

The people who want to see different types of food and cultural destination in Australia have to go Adelaide. You can see many types of food served on the Adelaide cafes and restaurants.

Adelaide Facts 4: tourism objects

There are many kinds of tourism objects that people can see when visiting Adelaide.  It is the home of the only Migration Museum in Australia.

Adelaide Convention Centre

Adelaide Convention Centre

Adelaide Facts 5: arts

If you like with art, it is a good choice to visit Adelaide. You can see first modern multipurpose performing arts venue. It is also a home to the first purpose built in convention center in Australia.

Adelaide Facts 6: Tasting Australia

Tasting Australia is a wonderful festival held annually in Adelaide.  This festival is about national food and wine fine. Another type of festival that you can see in Adelaide is Adelaide Festival of Arts & the Fringe Festival. That’s why South Australia is always considered as the festival state in the country.

Adelaide Doug Barber

Adelaide Doug Barber

Adelaide Facts 7: Adelaide hills

If you decide to visit Adelaide hills, you can see the national motor museum. In this building, you can see a lot of collection of motor vehicles. It also contains commercial vehicles and cars.

Adelaide Facts 8: Botanic Garden

If you like to enjoy a botanic garden, you just have to go to the largest and oldest glasshouses located in Southern Hemisphere.

Adelaide skyline

Adelaide skyline

Adelaide Facts 9: Art Gallery of South Australia

If you like to know the culture, custom and tradition of the Australian people in the 18th century, you can go to Art Gallery of South Australia. There are many art collections that you can see there.

Adelaide Facts 10: Aboriginal culture and artifacts

When people visit Australia, they like to learn more about the indigenous people. You can go to South Australian Museum and Tandanya to see the largest display of aboriginal artifacts and culture.

Adelaide Facts

Adelaide Facts

Prospect is the home to the RM Williams Museum and clothing outfitters. You can also see that it is considered as the opal capital of the world. Adelaide has a wonderful food industry. It produces daily products, seafood, vegetables and fruit. Do you have any other facts about Adelaide?

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