10 Interesting Lyon France Facts

Wednesday, June 25th 2014. | Cities

Find out the third largest city in France by reading Lyon France facts. Some people also call Lyon as Lyons in English. The location of this city is interesting. You can find it on a peninsula between the Saône and the Rhône. Let’s find out the interesting building, attraction and history about Lyon by reading the post below:

Lyon France Facts 1: condition of the city

Lyon France is a good place to visit. It is protected by stone embankment along the Rhone.  You can enjoy a green view in Lyon.

Lyon France Facts 2: Economy

Let’s talk about the economy of Lyon. This city is called as the second richest city in France. The first richest city is Paris. The region which can produce a lot of money for this city is the Rhone Alpes. Check another wonderful city in France in Lourdes facts.

Lyon France At Night

Lyon France At Night

Lyon France Facts 3: Tourism industry

Lyon is very famous with its wonderful Tourism industry. It contributed a lot for GDP of the city. In the entire France, the hotels that people visit in Lyon are ranked on the fist position based on the review of the visitors.

Lyon France Facts 4: Fête des lumières

Fête des lumières is the most popular festival in Lyon France.  It makes the city sparkling with festival of light.

Lyon France Facts

Lyon France Facts

Lyon France Facts 5: the air transportation

If you want to reach Lyon France, you can use the air transportation. Saint Exupery International Airport which serves the international and national flights is located 20 km east of Lyon.

Lyon France Facts 6: The Cité Internationale

The site of the former International Fair Hall of Lyon was used as The Cité Internationale. But in 1980s, it was moved to the suburb area of Chassieu.

Lyon France Travel

Lyon France Travel

Lyon France Facts 7: universities

The local people who want to pursue higher education do not need to go to the other towns. The city is a home of two universities.

Lyon France Facts 8: a crucial link

Talking about the transportation in France, Lyon is one of the crucial links. It integrates the southern and northern France. The routes between Mediterranean and Paris are linked in Lyon.

Lyon France Travel

Lyon France Travel

Lyon France Facts 9: The traditional silk industry

In the past, Lyon was famous with the traditional silk industry. In the 19th century, the silk industries spread all over the countryside area.  Today, there are still many industries producing the high quality silk and textiles.

Lyon France Facts 10: important sectors

There are many important sectors in Lyon that you can find. The city involves with information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Lyon France

Lyon France

You can also see French engineering centered in Lyon. It produces machine tools, heavy trucks and industrial equipments. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Lyon France?

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