10 Interesting Karl Marx Facts

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Karl Marx facts provide the information about the philosopher that some people hate and love. Karl Marx is the founder of the philosophy which affected the life of the million people in the world. If you want to know his philosophy in detail, you can read his book. Here are the interesting facts about Karl Marx:

Karl Marx Facts 1: who is Karl Marx?

People recognize Karl Marx as a German economist, philosopher, historian, sociologist, revolutionary socialist and journalist.

Karl Marx Facts 2: economy

The ideas of Karl Marx about economy have laid the foundation of the capital and labor workers. It affected the economy of the people in Soviet Union in the era of Lenin.

Karl Marx  Pic

Karl Marx Pic

Karl Marx Facts 3: books

There are many books that Karl Marx had published during his life.  You can read the most notable ones such as Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. Find out another man who had influenced  people in Malcolm X facts.

Karl Marx Facts 4: Young Hegelians

The ideas of Karl Marx were influenced by the young Hegelians.  He was very interested with the ideas of the Hegelian when he was enrolled in the university.

Karl Marx facts

Karl Marx facts

Karl Marx Facts 5: early life and education

Karl Marx got wonderful education. He went to the University of Bonn and University of Berlin. His family came from Prussian Rhineland. They were the rich middle class family.

Karl Marx Facts 6: a radical newspaper

Karl Marx did an activism when he established a radical newspaper in Cologne. This newspaper presented the ideas about dialectical materialism.

Karl Marx Image

Karl Marx Image

Karl Marx Facts 7: Paris

Karl Marx lived in Germany during his study in the university. He decided to move to Paris in 1843.  There, he met Friedrich Engels. Both became friends. He also created a radical newspaper while living in Paris.

Karl Marx Facts 8: exile

It is a hard moment for Karl Marx in 1849 for he was exiled.  Then he moved to London with his family. There, he formulated theories about economics and social activities.

Karl Marx Style

Karl Marx Style

Karl Marx Facts 9: International Workingmen’s Association

Karl Marx is considered as one of the important figures in International Workingmen’s Association.  He made great campaign for socialism.

Karl Marx Facts 10: Marxism

Karl Marx’s theories on socialism, economics and social life are called by the people with a simple name Marxism.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

The Marxist concepts that Karl Marx owned affected the Soviet Union and the republic of China. Are you interested reading facts about Karl Marx?

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