10 Interesting Wassily Kandinsky Facts

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Wassily Kandinsky facts elaborate the ideas about the famous painter and artist.  His painting amazes people. He also had great taste of music in his early life. He liked to play piano and cello. If you are interested to know more about Kandinsky, read the following post below:

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 1: date of birth

Kandinsky was born on 16th December 1866 in Moscow, Russia. He was considered as the pioneer in the abstract art and expressionism era.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 2: famous works

If you want to know the great skill and talent of Kandinsky, you need to check his works. Some of the famous works of Kandinsky include Contrasting Sounds, Composition VII, Composition VI, and On White II. Look at another great painter in Julian Opie facts.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts

Wassily Kandinsky Facts

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 3: early life

Are you curious about the early life of Kandinsky? He was raised Odessa, Russia. When he was a kid, he liked learning cello and piano. He definitely loved music. Then he realized that he also loved colors.   His art was shaped by colors and music.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 4: a law teacher

Instead of becoming an artist or painter, Kandinsky became a law teacher after he graduated from college.

Wassily Kandinsky Image

Wassily Kandinsky Image

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 5: changing career

His awareness of color and music made him switch the career. He gave up his teaching job and began to pursue his career as an artist. He went to Munich, Germany to enroll as a student in an art school there.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 6: Claude Monet

The artist who influenced Kandinsky much was Claude Monet.  If you look at the early paintings of Kandinsky, most of them were influenced by fauvism, pointillism and impressionism.  He often depicted the landscape in the painting

Wassily Kandinsky Painting

Wassily Kandinsky Painting

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 7: The Blue Rider

The Blue Rider is one of his famous paintings.  He created it in 1903.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 8: Abstract Art

Abstract Art is his favorite theme when creating the painting. He liked to focus on the colors and shapes rather than painting any particular subjects. He thought that color and shapes can become a great art.

Wassily Kandinsky Pic

Wassily Kandinsky Pic

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 9: Nina

Nina was the name of his wife. Both married when Kandinsky decided to move to Russia in 1914 to 1921.

Wassily Kandinsky Facts 10: Moving back to Germany

He came back to Germany after his art was rejected in Russia. He became a teacher in Bauhaus school.

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky

He then decided to move to Paris after he left Germany due to the Nazi movement in 1934. He lived in Paris, France until his death in 1944. Do you have any question on facts about Wassily Kandinsky?

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