10 Interesting Harry Styles Facts

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If you want to know in detail of the date of birth, family and early life of Harry Styles, you need to read the following Harry Styles facts. Harry Styles is very famous. He is one of the members in One Direction. This boy band has a lot of fans. Most of them are girls. If we talk about Harry Styles, people always notice him with Taylor Swift. Even though they have split, it seems that the personal life of Harry Styles is still in my mind.

Harry Styles Facts 1: date of birth

Harry Styles was born with the full name Harry Edwards Styles. He was born on February 1st, 1994. Among all members in One Direction, he is the youngest one.

Harry Styles Facts 2: parents

His father is Des Styles, while his mother is Anne Cox. When he was only 7 years old, his parents divorced.  When his parents divorced, he was so sad since he would never see them together again.

Harry Styles Cute

Harry Styles Cute

Harry Styles Facts 3: the first girlfriend

Are you curious about the first girlfriend of Harry Styles? Her name is Emilie. Both were in a relationship when Harry was only 12 years old.

Harry Styles Facts 4: the first song

The Girl of My Best Friends was a song of Elvis Presley. This is the first song that Harry knows all of the words in one song.

Harry Styles Facts

Harry Styles Facts

Harry Styles Facts 5: Robin

Robin is the name of Harry Styles’ stepfather.  Harry was very amazed with the way Robin proposed his mother.

Harry Styles Facts 6: early life

During his early childhood, Harry lived in Holmes Chapel. This village is located in Cheshire. If you want to visit this village, you just have to go 21 miles to the south of Manchester.

Harry Styles Hair

Harry Styles Hair

Harry Styles Facts 7: Extra Factor

When Harry was one of the X Factor contestants, he stated that he liked much the X Factor Judge, Cheryl Cole. He also admitted that he really had a huge crush with Caroline Flack. She was the X factor host at that time. Fortunately for Harry, both dated later.

Harry Styles Facts 8: inspiration

There are some famous musicians who become his inspiration. Those include Coldplay, Elvis, and the Beatles.

Harry Styles Hot

Harry Styles Hot

Harry Styles Facts 9: White Eskimo

White Eskimo was his former band. He was the front man in the band before he decided to follow the X Factor audition.  The band members were all of his school friends like Will Sweeney, Nick Clough and Haydn Morris.

Harry Styles Facts 10: favorite

There are some favorite songs that Harry Styles likes most. Those include Shine on Your Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd and Free Falling by John Mayer.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The members in One Direction who have passed the driving test are Harry and Louis. Are you inspired with facts about Harry Styles?

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