10 Interesting Henry James Facts

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Henry James facts give you the fascinating information about the American writer. Henry James is one of the important figures to the literary realism in the 19th century. If you study literature, you need to find out more about this brilliant American writer.

Henry James Facts 1: date of birth

Henry James was born on April 15th 1843. Even though he was an American writer, he spent most of his time in Britain.

Henry James Facts 2: family

His father was Henry James Sr. William James who worked as a philosopher and Psychologist was his bother. He also had a family relationship with the diarist Alice James.

Henry James  face

Henry James face

Henry James Facts 3: life

During the first 20 years old his life, James decided to move between Europe and America. However, in 1915, he decided to settle in England. He focused more his literary works on the British topics and subjects.

Henry James Facts 4: novel

Most of his novels centered on the encounter of the Americans and Europeans.  Many experts suggest that his works can be compared with the impressionist painting.

Henry James  facts

Henry James facts

Henry James Facts 5: grave

If you want to know the graveyard of Henry James, you can visit the Cambridge Cemetery in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Henry James Facts 6: parents

Let’s talk about the parents of Henry James. As I have stated before, his father was Henry James Sr.  His mother was Mary Walsh. Henry’s father was considered as a lucky person since he got a lot of fortune from his father. He worked as a philosopher and lecturer.

Henry James Author

Henry James Author

Henry James Facts 7: Mary Walsh

His mother was from a rich Scottish family. Henry James had three brothers and one sister. His bothers included William, Robertson and Wilkinson. Alice was his younger sister.

Henry James Facts 8: influence

There are several writers affected the works of Henry James. Those are Honoré de Balzac, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henrik Ibsen, Ivan Turgenev and George Elito.

Henry James Pic

Henry James Pic

Henry James Facts 9: themes

There are several themes which can be found in James’s works. He often wrote about the contradiction about the people from the Old World and New World.

Henry James Facts 10: subjects

There are several novels or stories using Henry James as one of the subjects. You can see Henry James in The Master by Colm Toibin and Felony by Emma Tenant.

Henry James

Henry James

If you like to study about the American literature, you need to read the work of Henry James. Are you interested with facts about Henry James?

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