10 Interesting Matthias Schleiden Facts

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Matthias Schleiden Facts will be explained in the following post. Botany is one of the interesting sciences to learn since you will know more about plants and flowers. Schleiden is one of the most notable botanists from Germany. He was born on April 5th, 1804 and died on June 23rd, 1881. Schleiden along with Rudolf Virchow and Theodor Schwann co-founded the cell theory. Check the detail post for more information.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 1: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Schleiden is located in Hamburg, Germany. He attended University of Jena for his education.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 2: the job

It was very surprising that Schleiden practiced law after he graduated from the university. However, he decided to focus more on botany after he was interested with plants.

Facts about Matthias Schleiden

Facts about Matthias Schleiden

Matthias Schleiden Facts 3:  the interest of botany

Schleiden used his microscope to check and study the structures of plants. Check facts about Quentin Blake here.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 4: the written work of Schleiden

One of the notable written works of Schleiden was entitled Failures to Contributate to Phytogenesis (1838). He wrote it when he worked at University of Jena as a professor of botany.

Matthias Jakob Schleiden

Matthias Jakob Schleiden

Matthias Schleiden Facts 5: the main idea of the written work

The written work of Schleiden mainly focused on cells. He believed that cells were the primary composition of the different parts of plants.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 6: the atomic theory of chemistry

The importance of the biology was just as important as the atomic theory of chemistry after the researches made by Schleiden and Schwann.

Cell theory Facts

Cell theory Facts

Matthias Schleiden Facts 7: cell nucleus

Robert Brown was a Scottish botanist who discovered the cell nucleus in 1831. Schleiden believed that the cell nucleus was important. He believed that it had something to do with cell division.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 8: the theory of evolution

The theory of evolution was defined by Charles Darwin. Do you know that one of the first German biologists who accepted the theory was Schleiden? Check facts about the Wright Brothers here.

Cell theory

Cell theory

Matthias Schleiden Facts 9:  the conclusion of Schleiden’s theory

Schleiden believed that the embryonic plant was originated from one cell. Moreover, he believed cells created all parts of plants. If you are interested to cite a botanical name to indicate this botanist as a writer, use Schleid as the standard author abbreviation.

Matthias Schleiden Facts 10: death of Schleiden

On 23rd June 1881, Schleiden passed away in Frankfurt am Main.

Matthias Schleiden

Matthias Schleiden

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