10 Interesting Queen Elizabeth II Facts

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Look at the interesting Queen Elizabeth II facts in the post below. When you hear the name the queen Elizabeth II you will always associate her with Britain.  In 2002, he celebrated her golden jubilee. She is considered as the oldest queen in the monarch. At that time she was 76 years old. Look at more facts about the leader of English monarch in the post below:

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 1: Honours And Awards

Queen Elizabeth II is very successful to lead England. There is no need to wonder if she has obtained more than 387,700 honours and awards since 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 2:French

Queen Elizabeth II speaks French fluently. She does not need any interpreter when speaking with French people.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 3: Tony Blair

The first British prime minister who was born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is Tony Blair. Tony Blair was born in the beginning of May 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 4:Visit

As a queen, Elizabeth II had visited more than 12 countries in the world. She also had more than 256 office overseas visits.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 5: Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britannia was used to accommodate the official tours of Queen Elizabeth II. Her majesty launched the yacht on April 16, 1953. The first service was on January 7, 1954. On December 1997, it was decommissioned.  The yacht had been travelling for more than a million miles.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 6: Royal Yacht Britannia survey

The first service of Royal Yacht Britannia was in Tobruk. She used it the last time to visit Arran on 9 August 1997.

Queen Elizabeth II Now

Queen Elizabeth II Now

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 7:Visiting Other Countries

Queen Elizabeth II had visited Jamaica 6 times, Canada 23 times and Australia 15 times. In March 2006, she visited Melbourne, Australia to open the commonwealth games.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 8: Edinburgh

Edinburgh has been visited by the queen each year since she got the throne in 1952. During Holyrood Week, she spends her time in the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Queen Elizabeth II Old

Queen Elizabeth II Old

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 9: Telegrams

There are at least more than 280,000 telegrams sent by the Queen for the couples who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary not only in UK but also in the commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts 10: Birthday

The birthday of the queen is in April 21. But the official birthday of queen is celebrated in June.

Queen Elizabeth II Young

Queen Elizabeth II Young

During her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II had launched 23 ships. HMS Vanguard was firstly launched by the queen on 30 November 1944 in Clydebank. Yacht Britannia was the first ship that she launched as a queen. During her reign, she and duke of Edinburgh have sent 37,500 Christmas cards. Can you find more facts about Queen Elizabeth II?

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