10 Interesting Benito Juarez Facts

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Read Benito Juarez facts if you want to the famous Mexican politician and lawyer. This man got the role as the president of Mexico for five terms. If you want to know more about him, you need to look at the whole facts below:

Benito Juarez Facts 1: full name

People recognize the former president of Mexico with a simple name Benito Juarez. His full name actually was Benito Pablo Juárez García. He was born on March 21, 1806.   He had a Zapotec origin. He came from Oaxaca.

Benito Juarez Facts 2: President of Mexico

He became the president of Mexico for five terms. He served the office in 1858–1861 as an interim. He served as the constitutional president in 1861–1865, 1865–1867, 1867–1871 and 1871–1872.

Benito Juarez Facts

Benito Juarez Facts

Benito Juarez Facts 3: French occupation

Mexico was occupied by French. Juarez was considered as a hero after he could resist the French occupation. He wanted to have liberal structure in the Mexican leadership. So he took over the second Mexican empire. He made Mexico performed the republic government. Read France facts here.

Benito Juarez Facts 4: date of birth

Benito Juarez was born o March 21, 1806 in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca. The village is situated within the Sierra Juarez mountain range.

Benito Juarez Image

Benito Juarez Image

Benito Juarez Facts 5: parents

Let’s talk about the parents’ of Benito Juarez. His father was Marcelino Juárez. His mother was Brígida García. When Benito was only three years old, both passed away because of complications of diabetes. His parents worked as peasants.

Benito Juarez Facts 6: early life

Soon after his parents died, his grandparents took care of him. But both passed away shortly after the death of his parents. He was raised by his uncle.

Benito Juarez Mexican

Benito Juarez Mexican

Benito Juarez Facts 7: the first work

It is not easy for an orphan to stay survive.  When he was 12 years old, he worked as a shepherd in a corn fields.

Benito Juarez Facts 8: school

Benito’s school is located at the city of Oaxaca de Juarez. To reach the school, he had to walk. The only language that he could master was Zapotec.

Benito Juarez Pic

Benito Juarez Pic

Benito Juarez Facts 9: his sister

His sister worked as servant for Antonio Maza in the city. Since the young Benito had great intelligence, Antonio Salanueva took him at a city’s seminary.

Benito Juarez Facts 10: marriage

Margarita Maza and Benito married in 1843. At that time, Margarita was only 17, meanwhile Benito was 37.

Benito Juarez President

Benito Juarez President

It seems that his intelligence increased his political career. He could be the president of Mexico for five times. He is considered as the shortest president in the world with the height of 1.37 meter. Are you interested with facts about Benito Juarez?

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