10 Interesting Bedrich Smetana Facts

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Check out the famous Czech composer in Bedrich Smetana Facts. He was born on 2 March 1824 and passed away on 12 May 1884. The musical style that he developed collected the aspiration of the people to create statehood in Czech. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bedrich Smetana Facts below:

Bedrich Smetana Facts 1: the father of Czech music

The father of Czech music is Smetana. Má vlast is considered as his most popular symphonic cycle in his opera, The Bartered Bride.

Bedrich Smetana Facts 2: Má vlast

Má vlast means My Homeland. This symphonic cycle tells the readers about the landscape, legends as well as the history of the native land of the composer. Find out another musician in Richard Wagner facts.

Bedřich Smetana

Bedřich Smetana

Bedrich Smetana Facts 3: a talented musician

The first public appearance of Smetana was at the age of six. He was a very talented pianist. Josef Proksch was his teacher of music after he finished his conventional schooling time.

Bedrich Smetana Facts 4: the nationalistic music

During the Prague uprising in 1848, he made his first nationalistic music.

Bedřich Smetana Picture

Bedřich Smetana Picture

Bedrich Smetana Facts 5: the failure

It is not easy for Smetana to pursue his career in music. He was unable to do it Prague. Therefore, he decided to live in Sweden. He earned his living as a choirmaster and teacher in Gothenburg. However, he started writing the orchestral works here.

Bedrich Smetana Facts 6: the personal life

Smetana married twice. He was blessed with 6 daughters. However, three of them died during the infancy time.

Bedřich Smetana Pic

Bedřich Smetana Pic

Bedrich Smetana Facts 7: return to Prague

He decided to return to Prague in the beginning of 1860s. Smetana decided to live in Prague after the liberal politics in Bohemia.

Bedrich Smetana Facts 8: the musician in Prague

Smetana became a successful musician in Prague after he dedicated himself in the musical life in the city. He focused on the Czech opera.

Bedřich Smetana Facts

Bedřich Smetana Facts

Bedrich Smetana Facts 9: the first two operas by Smetana

The first two operas of Smetana include The Brandenburgers in Bohemia and The Bartered Bride. Both of his works were premiered at Provisional Theatre in Prague. Find out facts about Prague here.

Bedrich Smetana Facts 10: the honor and recognition

It is not easy for Smetana to receive the recognition and honor from all people in Czech. But finally his works were honored. He was completely deaf at the end of 1874. In 1884, he had a mental collapse. It made him spend his time in an asylum.

Bedřich Smetana Composer

Bedřich Smetana Composer

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