10 Interesting John Boyne Facts

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Find out the detail information about the famous Irish novelist in John Boyne facts. John Boyne loves to write the stories for the young and adult readers. If you like reading books, why don’t you check the work of John Boyne? You will be impressed with his point of view and skill. Let’s find out more about his work and personal life below:

John Boyne Facts 1: date of birth

As I have stated before John Boyne is an Irish novelist. He was born on April 30th, 1971 in Ireland.

John Boyne Facts 2: novels

Most novels that he has written are for the young and adults readers. So far, he has created four novels for the teenagers and 8 novels for the adults.

John Boyne Facts

John Boyne Facts

John Boyne Facts 3: languages

The fame of John Boyne is not only on the English speaking countries. The people living in Japan, Korea, and other parts of the world can have his books published in 46 languages.

John Boyne Facts 4: a movie

His novel was adapted into a movie in the mid 2007. In the end of 2008, the movie was released to the world.  It was based on the novel the Boy in the striped Pyjamas.  It was adapted by Heyday/Miramax Film. The location of the shot was in Budapest.

John Boyne Interview

John Boyne Interview

John Boyne Facts 5: Stars Of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the striped Pyjamas movie created based on John Boyne’s novel is filled with various stars. You can see Vera Farmiga, Asa Butterfield, Sheila Hancock, David Thewlis and Rupert Friend.

John Boyne Facts 6: adult’s novels

If you like to read some of his adult’s novels, you need to find out the titles first. Some adult novels from Boyne include This House Is Haunted, The Absolutist, The House of Special Purpose, Mutiny: a Novel of the Bounty, Next of Kin, Crippen, and etc.

John Boyne Pic

John Boyne Pic

John Boyne Facts 7: Novellas

John Boyne is also interested to write novellas. His works include the dare (2009) and the second Child (2008)

John Boyne Facts 8: novels for younger readers

There are four novels for young readers that John Boyne had written.  In 2006, the Boy in the Striped Pajamas was published. Other novels include Noah Barleywater Runs Away, The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket, and Stay Where You Are and Then Leave.

John Boyne Style

John Boyne Style

John Boyne Facts 9: shortlist award

There are some shortlist awards that John Boyne had. In 1993, he got the shortlist for the Hennessy Literary Award. He also got the Carnegie Medal for the shortlist in 2007. Another writer with many awards is explained in John Agard Facts.

John Boyne Facts 10: the longlist Awards

Are you curious to find out his long list awards? In 2000, he was in the long list for the Irish Times Literature Awards.

John Boyne

John Boyne

In 1995, he was the winner for The Curtis Brown Award. In 2012, he won the Hennessy Literary Awards Hall of Fame. Actually there are many other awards that he receives. Are you interested reading facts about John Boyne?

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