10 Interesting Jaguar Facts

Friday, June 28th 2013. | Animals

Jaguar facts explain the behavior, food, and types of species of the big cat. Jaguar is one of members in a big cat. You can find this animal living in America. It has the species name of Panthera onca. It is included in the genus panthera. Here are some facts about jaguar:

Jaguar Facts 1: Body

Based on the body size, jaguar is placed as the third largest cats in the world.   It comes after tiger and lion. Read tiger facts to know the details about other cats.

Jaguar Facts 2: Physical Description

When you see jaguar living in grassland or jungle, you will be scared to death with strong and powerful appearance. The body color usually comes in brownish yellow. Sometimes the body features the dark and large ring. It resembles the look of leopard with one to two dark spots in the body.

Jaguar Facts

Jaguar Facts

Jaguar Facts 3: Population of Jaguar

If you want to find jaguar, you can go to central part of America. The highest population of jaguar can be seen in Arizona and Texas. This animal can be seen living in Mexico too. Another endangered animal is seen on leopard facts.

Jaguar Facts 4: Feeding Time

When jaguar eats the prey they will use the strong jaw and bite it into pieces. To kill the preys this solitary predator will destroy the skull.

Jaguar Look

Jaguar Look

Jaguar Facts 5: Habitat

Finding a jaguar is not difficult to do if you know their habitat well. Most jaguars will be concentrated on the grassland, rainforest and woodland.

Jaguar Facts 6: Endangered Species

This wild animal is included as an endangered species. The status is at a Lower Risk. It means that the population of this wild animal is getting declined from year to year. If they are not protected, they probably are extinct in the future.

Jaguar Roars

Jaguar Roars

Jaguar Facts 7: Food

There are many foods that jaguar likes to eat. It tends to choose the larger preys because they have a lot of met to eat. Some animals to attack include fish, dogs, anacondas, deer, and foxes.

Jaguar Facts 8: Melanoma

There are some jaguar experienced the melanism condition. It makes their body look like black color. Sometimes people call it as a black panther. However, it is no excluded in another jaguar species.

Baby Jaguar

Baby Jaguar

Jaguar Facts 9: Cub

The cubs of jaguar will be born blind. They can see the object when they reach 2 weeks. Most jaguars have the weight around 56 to 97 kg with the length around 1.62 top 1.83 meters. The female jaguar has smaller body than that of the male jaguar.

Jaguar Facts 10: Types of Jaguars

Jaguar has different types. The most popular ones include the Mexican jaguar, Peruvian jaguar, Arizonan jaguar, Central American jaguar and Goldman’s jaguar.

Big Jaguar

Big Jaguar

Jaguar can live in the world about 10 up to 20 years. This animal is not only great when running and catching prey. They are good climbers and swimmers. They can roar to communicate with others, but it sounds like a cheesy cough. Do you like reading facts about jaguar?

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