10 Interesting Leopard Facts

Thursday, June 27th 2013. | Animals

In this post I give you more information about leopard facts. Leopard is considered as one of the powerful and strong animals in the world. It is one of the big cats that you need to preserve. Most of them live in a wild area. You can also see them living in captivity. Leopard is different with other cats because it can carry the heavy prey and climb tree. During the day, they like to take a nap on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they also hide the prey on the tree so that other predators like hyena and lion cannot take it. Here are more facts about leopard.

Leopard Facts 1: Agility

Leopards are agile. They can run in fast speed up to 58 kilometers per hour. In vertical position, it can leap up 3 meter. In horizontal position it can leap up top 6 meter. One thing for sure, the animals are good swimmers too. It is not possible for you to escape when meeting a leopard in the forest.

Leopard Facts 2: Wild Area

Finding a leopard is a wild area is very difficult to do. Most leopards are secretive animal living a large forest. You cannot trace them easily.

Leopard Facts

Leopard Facts

Leopard Facts 3: The Angry Leopard

When leopards are angry, they will growl to warn others. To warn their presence to other leopards, they will use a rasping cough.

Leopard Facts 4: Territory

Even though the male territory sometimes overlaps with the female territory, the male has bigger territory. They use a unique way to mark the territory such as by leaving the branch, urine, or marking on the branches or twigs. Read snow leopard facts if you wnat to know the leopard living in cold area.

Leopard Fights

Leopard Fights

Leopard Facts 5: Gestation

In each gestation period, a female leopard tends to have two or three cubs. To protect the cubs from predators, the female leopard will protect the kids until 8 months. The female cub will do the breastfeeding until 3 months. When it grows, the baby leopard will wander to get a new territory. Read tiger facts to know the animal which marks a territory too.

Leopard Facts 6: Physical Appearance

Leopard is considered as a beautiful animal. You can see how unique their physical appearance is. The beautiful pattern on their light fur of their body look nice with a dark spot called as rosettes. You cannot see the spot on the black leopards. Many people call the animals as Black Panther.



Leopard Facts 7: Panther Pardus

Leopard has a specific name panthera pardus. Compared to other members of felidae family, leopards are the smallest ones. Other members in the felidae family include jaguar, lion and tiger.

Leopard Facts 8: Subspecies

Leopards have 9 subspecies. You can find them living in India, South Asia and Asia. The African leopards can be seen in African countries.

Persian Leopard

Persian Leopard

Leopard Facts 9: Diet

To stay survive, leopards have to eat.  These predators like to hunt deer, impala, gazelle and wildebeest. If those animals cannot be found, they like to hunt birds, rodents and monkeys.

Leopard Facts 10: Nocturnal Animals

Leopards are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day. In the night they become active predators.

Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

Even though leopards live in a land, they are good swimmers. They can swim on the river to catch the prey.  Are you interested with facts about leopard above?

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