10 Interesting Echidna Facts

Sunday, January 5th 2014. | Animals

Echidna facts provide the information one of the primitive animals in the world. This animal is included as a spiny anteater. People recognize this animal originated in New Guinea and Australia. This small mammal is covered with spines and coarse hair. Find out more facts about it in the post below:

Echidna Facts 1: montoremes

Echidna is a mammal. It belongs to the montoremes group. Even though it is mammal, it will lay the eggs. The other type of mammal which lay the eggs is platypus.

Echidna Facts 2: appearance

In the earlier explanation, I say that Echidna’s body is covered with coarse hair and spines. It reminds you with the appearance of hedgehogs and porcupines. All of them have spiny features even though they are not included in the similar family.

Echidna facts

Echidna facts

Echidna Facts 3: species

There are two species of echidna that you can learn. The first one is the short beaked echidna called Tachyglossus aculeatus. The second one is the long beaked echidna called Zaglossus bruijni.

Echidna Facts 4: food

There are many kinds of food that echidna like to eat. They include beetles, termites, ants, moth, larvae, scarab and worms.

Echidna in the Park

Echidna in the Park

Echidna Facts 5: isolated area

During the mating season, echidna can be seen living in an isolated area. The female echidna will raise the baby. The mating season comes in July and August.  The female will deliver one egg. It only needs 10 days to make the egg hatches. You can find this animal living in bushes, caves and rocks in Australia.

Echidna Facts 6: length and weight

In average, the weight of echidna is around 2 until 7 kilograms. The length is around 36 to 99 cm. The tail has the length around 10 cm.

Echidna Long Beaked One

Echidna Long Beaked One

Echidna Facts 7: puggle

Puggle is a name attached to the young echidna. The mother will give the young echidna milk from the two milk patches that she has. You have to know that echidna does not have any nipples. When a young puggle hatches, It has no hair and blind.

Echidna Facts 8: REM sleep

When the surrounding temperature is around 20 degree Celsius, echidna will experience REM sleep.  But sometimes, it has REM sleep when the temperature is around 15 degree or 28 degree Celsius.



Echidna Facts 9: life of puggle

The puggle will stay with her or his mother for 45 days. It can be found in the pouch of the mother. When the puggle has grown up, it will leave the pouch of his mother.

Echidna Facts 10: the endangered species

The most endangered species of echidna is the Zaglossus bruijni.



Echidna has a long life span. It can live for around 40 to 50 years. The main food that Zaglossus bruijni eats is insect larvae and worms. The short beaked one likes to eat termites and ants. Are you satisfied with facts about echidna?

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