10 Interesting Chinchilla Facts

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013. | Animals

Chinchilla facts offer you with information about one of the crepuscular rodents in the world.  When we talk about the size, it is not larger than a ground squirrel. If you like to know more about chinchilla, you need to read the following facts below:

Chinchilla Facts 1: Family

Chinchilla belongs to the family of Chinchillidae. It can be found native to the Andes mountain of South America. The animal is characterized with pearly gray color and soft and fine fur.

Chinchilla Facts 2: Crepuscular

As I have stated before chinchilla is included as a Crepuscular animal. This term is used to link the animal with their active time at dusk or dawn. You can find chinchilla being so active when the twilight comes.

Chinchilla cute

Chinchilla cute

Chinchilla Facts 3: Fur

When you touch chinchilla, you will know that it has the softest fur in the world. See another small animal in Tasmanian devil facts.

Chinchilla Facts 4: Teeth

The teeth of chinchilla always grow from time to time. They will grow until it dies.

Chinchilla drinks

Chinchilla drinks

Chinchilla Facts 5: Weight and Length

Chinchilla can have the weight around 400 to 500 grams with the height around 5 to 6 inches.  It has the length around 10 to 14 inches. The habitat of the animal is around the crevices of rocks or burrow. Look at mice facts here.

Chinchilla Facts 6: Jumping Animals

Chinchilla is a jumping animal. It can jump until 5 feet.

Chinchilla facts

Chinchilla facts

Chinchilla Facts 7: Predators

To escape from the predators, chinchilla has to release a patch of fur. Some animals which like to eat chinchilla include skunks, birds, snakes, dogs and many more. The lifespan of this rodent is around 10 until 15 years.

Chinchilla Facts 8: Diet

If you have chinchilla as the pet, you need to give it the suitable food. It likes eating frogs, small insects, seeds, bark, fruit and grass.

Chinchilla funny

Chinchilla funny

Chinchilla Facts 9: A Fur Coat

You can make a fur coat from the fur of chinchilla. However, you need to have at least 100 or even 200 chinchillas to make a fur coat because the individual animal is so small.

Chinchilla Facts 10: Female Chinchilla

The female chinchilla will deliver a baby chinchilla twice a year. The baby has the weight of 35 grams. In a litter, the female chinchilla can deliver 2 kits.  The color of chinchilla is various. You can see it in violet, beige, black, white, brown, Sapphire or even grey.



When you see chinchillas taking a bath, they will end up in dust not water. You can call a group of chinchilla as a colony. The eyes of chinchilla come in various colors. They can be in ruby red or dark red color. People love to have chinchillas as a pet because they are free from fleas. Do you have any opinion on facts about Chinchilla?

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