10 Interesting Horse Facts

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013. | Animals

Horse facts inform you with one of the most beneficial animals for human. Horse is always used by the ancient people as a means of transportation. There are many horse’s stables in the world. Some people want to enjoy riding the horses in the farm even though they have cars. It gives them a sense of nostalgia. When you visit the countryside area by riding a horse, you can enjoy the fresh air here. Let me give you some interesting facts about horse to learn:

Horse Facts 1: Sleeping

When human being wants to sleep, they have to lay down the body on the bed. It seems that a horse is a unique animal. This animal can be caught sleeping by standing or lying down.

Horse Facts 2: Running

When a baby was born on earth, it usually is dependent. It seems that horse is a powerful animal because it can run soon after the delivery process.

Horse Facts

Horse Facts

Horse Facts 3: Lifespan

In average the lifespan of a horse is around 25 years old. However, there is a record that a horse named Old Billy can live for about 62 year. This horse lived in 19th century. Read white tailed deer facts here.

Horse Facts 4: Diet

Horses are included as mammal. They live on the land. To stay survive horses have to eat the food. They are included as herbivorous animals because they are plant eaters.

Horse in Black

Horse in Black

Horse Facts 5: Eyes

When you look at the face of horses, you will be surprised with the size of the eyes.  The horse’s eyes are considered as the biggest one among the mammal living animal on the land area. In a time, the eyes can give these animals with 360 degree viewing.

Horse Facts 6: Speed

Horses have been domesticated by human being for more than 5000 years.  The fastest speed of a horse ever recorded is around 55 miles per hour or 88 kilometer per hour. The gallop of a horse can reach 27 mph or 44 kph. The horses spreading round the world are estimated around 60 million individuals.

Horse in Farm

Horse in Farm

Horse Facts 7: Evolution

When talking about animals, scientists always describe the evolution. The modern horses are the result of the smaller creatures which had been evolved for about 50 million years. The skeleton that these animals have is around 205 bones.

Horse Facts 8: Name

If you want to call a young male of horse, use the world a colt.  A filly refers to a young female horse. A mare is to refer the female horse, while a stallion is to call a male horse.



Horse Facts 9: Small Horses

The small horses are called as ponies. This type of a horse has thicker tails and hairs. The head is short with thicker each and shorter legs. Another animal living in a farm is seen in pig facts.

Horse Facts 10: Children Riding

The parents who have small children and want them to learn on how to ride a horse can use ponies.  You just have to choose a well-trained pony.

Horse and Dog

Horse and Dog

Actually this small version of horse is used for working and driving roles. The first breed or ponies used by the people to pull carriages is Hackney ponies.  You just need to give them a half of food than the big horse when you look after a pony. Do you have any opinion on facts about horse?

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