10 Interesting Komodo dragon Facts

Friday, October 18th 2013. | Animals

Komodo dragon facts give you elaborate explanation about Varanus komodoensis. It is well known as a komodo dragon.  The surprising fact is that in 1992, Komodo dragon hatched on the national zoo. It was the first time for the Komodo dragon to hatch outside the Indonesia. There were 55 off springs produced by 4 clutches. All off springs can be seen in more than 30 zoos on earth. Find out more facts about Komodo dragon in the following post:

Komodo dragon Facts 1: Height and Weight

The Komodo dragon can reach the weight around 166 kilogram or 366 pounds. The weight can reach 3.13 meter. It is considered as the largest living lizard in the world.

Komodo dragon Facts 2: Hunting Strategy

The hunting strategy of Komodo dragon lies on the power and stealth. This animal has a good speed when running. It can reach the average speed of 20 kph or 13 mph.

Komodo dragon crawls

Komodo dragon crawls

Komodo dragon Facts 3: Diet

Komodo dragon likes to eat goat, boar or deer. They will wait for the prey to come by staying on one spot or area in a long time.

Komodo dragon Facts 4: Good Eyes

Monitoring the prey is the main tactic used by Komodo dragons when they want to hunt a food. They can see the object located 300 meter or 985 feet away. However, Komodo dragons do not have a good eye visibility in the dim situation. But their eyes can differentiate colors.

Komodo dragon facts

Komodo dragon facts

Komodo dragon Facts 5: Hearing Ability

The hearing range of Komodo dragon is poor. The   hearing sense cannot cover the high pitched and low pitched scream.

Komodo dragon Facts 6: Sense of Smell

The primary food detector that Komodo dragons have is located on the sense of smell. They can identify the odor of a snake, deer or boar.

Komodo dragon pic

Komodo dragon pic

Komodo dragon Facts 7: Yellow Forked Tongue

The yellow forked tongue is used by Komodo dragons to identify the aid. If the wind is right Komodo dragons can detect the odor of a certain animal 2.5 miles away.

Komodo dragon Facts 8: Habitat

If you want to find Komodo dragon, you can see them distributed on various volcanic Indonesian islands. They spread in Flores, padar and Rintja.

komodo dragon picture

komodo dragon picture

Komodo dragon Facts 9: Zoo Diet

If Komodo dragons live in a zoo, they will eat chicks, rodents and rabbits.

Komodo dragon Facts 10: Female and Male Komodo Dragon

It is a bit hard for the people to differentiate the sexes of male and female komodo even though the female one is bigger that it’s male counterpart.

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon

The mating season of komodo occurs between May and August. To get a female for a mating season, the dominant males should be involved in a ritual combat. To take over the opponent, they will use the tail to support the body and foreleg to take other Komodo dragons down. What do you think on facts about Komodo dragon?

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