10 Interesting Red Kangaroo Facts

Friday, January 23rd 2015. | Animals

Let me show you the cute animal in Australia by reading Red Kangaroo Facts. The scientific name for this animal is Macropus Rufus. From all species of kangaroos, it is the largest one. It also takes the record as the largest extant marsupials and largest terrestrial mammal native. Get more facts about red kangaroo below:

Red Kangaroo Facts 1: the features

This large kangaroo has a square off muzzle with long and pointed ears. Talking about the size, the males have largest body if you compare it with the female red kangaroo.

Red Kangaroo Facts 2: Jumping

Red kangaroo can jump well because they have two forelimbs with small claws and two muscular hind limbs. When they want to stand in upright position, they will use the tail for the tripod.

Red Kangaroo Facts

Red Kangaroo Facts

Red Kangaroo Facts 3: the leap

When a male red kangaroo leaps, it can reach the height 5.9 till 9.8 feet and the length at 26.2 till 29.5 feet.  In average, it can leap at 3.9 till 6.2 feet.

Red Kangaroo Facts 4: the body length

The male red kangaroos have the length around 1.3 till 1.6 meter from head to body. The tail has the length at 1 till 1.2 meter.

Red Kangaroo Images

Red Kangaroo Images

Red Kangaroo Facts 5: the body length of female

The female red kangaroo has the body length at 85 till 105 meter from head to body. The length is added with the tail length at 65 till 85 cm. Check out another species in tree kangaroo facts.

Red Kangaroo Facts 6: the weight

The male has the weight at 121 to 198 lbs, while the females are around 40 to 88 lb.

Red Kangaroo Pic

Red Kangaroo Pic

Red Kangaroo Facts 7: the height

The height of the large mature male red kangaroo is around 5.9 feet or 1.8 meter when it stands. The largest red kangaroo ever recorded has the weight at 91 kilogram and the height at 2.1 meter or 6.9 feet. Get more facts about kangaroo here.

Red Kangaroo Facts 8: the internal temperature

The internal temperature of red kangaroo is around 97 degree F or 36 degree C. To maintain this internal temperature, the red kangaroo will use various kinds of adaptation which include the behavioral, physiological and physical adaptation.

Red Kangaroo Pictures

Red Kangaroo Pictures

Red Kangaroo Facts 9: the position of the eyes

The position of the eyes of red kangaroo is very unique. It can give them the vision at 300 degree.

Red Kangaroo Facts 10: ranges

You can find red kangaroo living in central and Western Australia. They like living in desert, grassland and scrubland.

Red Kangaroos

Red Kangaroos

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