10 Interesting Bunny Facts

Monday, July 8th 2013. | Animals

Here are the bunny facts that can give you more information about rabbit. Many people think that bunny is included as a rodent. If you think the same way, you are totally wrong. They are lagomorphs. A baby bunny is called a kit. The male is called a bunch, while the female is called a doe. Here are the full details of bunny facts.

Bunny Facts 1: Gestation Period

There are 45 breeds of rabbits in the world. The animal only needs 31 days to complete the gestation period. Since a baby bunny is born, the teeth will never stop to grow. Compare bunny with other animal in Gorilla facts.

Bunny Facts 2: Adult Bunny

Bunny is also one of the popular pets at home. An adult bunny usually has the weight adorn 2 up to 20 lbs. The weight is determined by the breed. The life span of this animal can reach 10 years.



Bunny Facts 3: Domesticated Rabbits

Domesticated rabbits are special. They are born without any fur on the surface of body. When they are about 2 weeks old, they can open the eyes widely.

Bunny Facts 4: Digestive System

Bunny has interesting digestive system. The digestive system can run smoothly if the animal gets assistance from hay.

Bunny Facts

Bunny Facts

Bunny Facts 5: A Group of Rabbit

You can see that rabbit usually lives alone at home. You can give it a small miniature house to live in. There are some rabbits living in a group. It is called as herd. They usually live in a warren. Anotehr animal living in a group is seen in bat facts.

Bunny Facts 6: Bunny Meat

Even though rabbit is a funny and cute pet to keep at home, rabbit meat is popular in some countries. This white meat has lower calories, cholesterol and fat if you compare it with beef, pork, and chicken.



Bunny Facts 7: Jumping Animal

Bunny is a jumping animal. The ability to jump is great and wonderful. It can jump more than 363 times. You can realize when your bunny is happy. It will twist and jump.

Bunny Facts 8: Feeding Time

Feeding your rabbit is easy to do. This animal is always associated with carrot. It surely loves to eat carrot. If your carrot stock is empty, you can give this animal fresh vegetables and fresh grass. Don’t forget to give it water. The amount of food served should be decided based on the age of your bunny.

White Bunny

White Bunny

Bunny Facts 9: Wild Rabbit

You cannot breed the wild rabbit with domestic rabbit. You need to breed a wild rabbit with a wild rabbit too. Some rabbits can have false pregnancy.

Bunny Facts 10: Heat Stroke

Besides giving the right food for rabbit, you need to note on the temperature. Some rabbits can suffer heat stroke. It makes them suffer much. Don’t forget to keep your rabbit safe from any predator. This animal is weak. Some predators can scare the animal to death.

Cute Bunny

Cute Bunny

If you have a big backyard garden and want to fertilize the area, you can use a rabbit to drop the garden fertilizer easily. This animal never hibernates. It has 28 teeth. Do you want to give more facts about bunny?

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