10 Interesting Animal Abuse Facts

Friday, October 25th 2013. | Animals

Animal abuse facts talk about the domestic violence on the pet. When people have a pet, not all of them can give the best the treatment. It is estimated that 32 present children harm their pets. Other pets are reportedly to have injuries after they come to the shelter of women. Look at the complete facts about animal cruelty below:

Animal Abuse Facts 1:Battered Women

The violence effect is conducted by 68 percent women. 75 present children coerce the pest ad psychologically control them.

Animal Abuse Facts 2:Domestic Violence Of Pet

13 of intentional animal abuses can be seen at home. That’s why many people consider domestic violence as a part of animal abuse.

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse Facts 3:Abusive Situation

The abusive situation occurred on the pets is conducted by the 40 percent battered women because of various conditions.  They sometimes have a fear of the life for their pet if they leave the life stock or pets.

Animal Abuse Facts 4:Disappear from The House

When an animal disappears from the house of the owner, the risk of getting abused is bigger. Sometimes they suffer from the permanent disabilities, health problem or even unexplained injuries.

Animal Abuse Facts

Animal Abuse Facts

Animal Abuse Facts 5:Abusers

Abusers of children sometimes coerce the children to have a sexual activity with them if they do not want to see their favorite animal killed.

Animal Abuse Facts 6:Animal Abusers

Other crimes are always conducted by the animal abusers. Physiologically they are disturbed. They need a help to overcome the depression and stress.

Animal Abuses

Animal Abuses

Animal Abuse Facts 7:Social Service

A family with a big trouble sometimes involves with animal abuse. However, there are many battered women who consider their pets as a companion in their family.

Animal Abuse Facts 8: Pets At Home

People at home have more pets than have children at home. They will spend a lot of money to give the pets the best food rather than spending the money to buy the baby food.

Sad Puppy

Sad Puppy

Animal Abuse Facts 9: Dogs And Cats

People in European countries like to have cats. The people living in US like to have dogs.

Animal Abuse Facts 10: A Live At Home Father

A pet is not only an animal living in a house. For children, it is considered as the live home father.

Animal Testings

Animal Testings

The main caregiver of a pet at home is the woman. But children love to have pets at home. Many battered women will take their pets into her cars and sleep inside the car for about four months. Then they will find a safe place to live with the pets. If you have a pet, it is better or you to take care of it. Have you understood with all facts about animal abuse?

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